A Good Start For Tapping On Grief Part 3 – EFT for Sandy Hooks, Newtown, CT

Yes, I love reframing in EFT, but when we just start with someone who is going through unspeakable amounts of grief, it can feel intrusive to the client.
Where can one begin, when the grief is so overwhelming that there is no solution, to “positive outcome”?
When a family looses a child, it is hard to find meaning and a “higher purpose”.
Trying to see the good in the bad can be very premature and feel violent to the victim of such grief.
I recommend to begin the tapping process by simply working with the physical symptoms: the pain, tension, knots, tightness that always shows up when we are in stress. Addressing them with skill and insight can bring much relief without forcing the client to have to talk about their story or feelings when everything is still so new and overwhelming. Please click on the “read more” button to learn more about this…

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It Happened, And I Am Sorry…. EFT For Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT

Giving the unspeakable grief that we are now experiencing, not just in Newtown, but all over the world, I am receiving lots of requests how we can best help with EFT. I’d like to share with you that holding space for unconditional acknowledgement without judgment, and without jumping into “fixing” the person, is essential. Acknowledgement comes before healing:
“It Happened – You Are Right – And I am So Sorry That It Happened.”
It takes courage to hold space for someone in unspeakable grief. But transformation can only come, when the acknowledgment and healing is done.
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EFT for Sandy Hook – Newtown CT Victims

It is with so much sadness that I am writing this post.
As the mother of a beautiful 12 year old, I cannot even imagine what the families and community of the children and teachers of Sandy Hook are going through right now.
I am so sorry, and just want to extend my condolences to all who are touched by this unspeakable drama and tragedy.
I have received requests from EFTers who just want to help, and I’d like to share a few thoughts on how we can do this tactfully and effectively.
In a situation like this, it is very hard to come from a place of healing.
Even though EFT does magic, healing and “letting go” is not the call of the minute.
Right now, the families are in a state of shock, and need acknowledgment.
Acknowledgment comes before healing.
We can help in a deeply acknowledging way with EFT.

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How To End Procrastination By Keeping Agreements With Ourselves

Low self esteem and procrastination are an immediate result of breaking agreements with ourselves and others. When we don’t do what we said we would do, we loose trust and faith in ourselves. We loose the connection with feeling safe in expecting what we want. We loose trust in ourselves and our integrity. Before making new plans for our life, our business, our relationships, health, weight, it is important to revisit any agreements we have ever made and finish them:
Either do what we said we would do, or simply apologizing, cutting our losses and letting them go.
Regaining trust into our own integrity by keeping our agreements is the most important first step to being successful in all areas of our lives.

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Free Tapping Script: Healing the resentment about "I never get what I want!"

Sometimes, energies seem to be so strong that they are visible everywhere around us. It seems like they are right in our face, people talk about it on the streets, the TV is full of them, and even our immediate environment seems to radiate them in ways that that are new.
The energies that I am observing as of late are great anger and resentment, paired with the feeling :

“I never get to have what I want.” Do you know what I mean?

This nagging feeling that the world is against us, that we are overlooked, nobody cares about us, that we have to fight for our rights?

Please click on the read more button for a free tapping script that addresses some of the feelings about this. And don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks!

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How To Deal With Anger – Acknowledgement Comes Before Healing

How to deal with Anger, when it feels so overwhelming, so clear and real?
Many of myEFT students are asking this question, and I have found over the years, that being able to handle anger well is one of the most important skills, personally as well as professionally.
In my experience, anger comes from a sense of betrayal, missing out, being unrecognized or treated unfairly.
My first advise when dealing with anger, wether it is your own, or someone else’s:

Acknowledge it!

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