Were You Unable To Join Us For The Free Tele Class Yesterday?

WOW, we had more than 450 people signed up for last night’s FREE Tele Class: EFT for Authentic Goal Setting for People In Transition”.
With 2.5 hours, the call went way over time, as there was so much to tap on and release.
the feedback has been amazing.
Were you unable to join us but would like to download a recording?
Just fill in your email address and name in the box on the right, and you will receive a link for immediate listening or download.

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EFT Bonus free during book launch! Pat O'Bryan, Joe Vitale, Connie Ragen Green

Last week I got word from my writing teacher Pat O’Bryan, who has written a life changing book with Joe Vitale, Connie Ragen Green and others.

I love the information that they share (you know Joe from the movie “the secret,”) and am more than happy to support the launch. Please know that I am getting no commission for this, I just believe it is great information for many of my clients and students who are struggling financially right now, and need hands on information that they don’t have access to yet.

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EFT 4 Succcessful Goal Setting FREE Tele Class

Welcome and thank you for signing up for the 1.5 hour Tele class “Using EFT for successful goal setting”. Date and Time: Friday, January 28th 2011, 7:00pm EST In this hands on tele workshop, we will get started right away, tapping on whatever you feel might be in your way of setting your goals successfully.…

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