Welcome! here are your recordings of the free media coverage workshop! And make sure you get your copy of the free publicity calendar which is attached below

Full 2.5 hr presentation with practice sessions and group discussions

This is the full 2.5 hour webinar, including the full presentation, additional stories, several workshop and exchange components, mindset work with EFT and a 45 min powerful workshop on crafting your unique article topics using a professional media calendar. The EFT component. If you want to scroll to the EFT mindset work: it starts at about 28:00min. The Crafting Your message with the publicity calendar work starts at 1hour53min.


one hour presentation without practice and workshop components

And this is a separate one hour recording of the presentation only, with some ideas for the media calendar. If you want a quick overview, please choose this option (or watch both!)

Download this free publicity calendar to get media worthy Story ideas 

Selena is my media mentor. She offers amazing free programs that you are welcome to join, and also a year long program, which is not free but an incredible value. I learned much of what I presented to you from her and her team, and will join again next year. If you decide to work with her after taking the free classes and challenges, I will get an affiliate commission.