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Here is your link to claim your Free, 15 min Coaching Session: 


Of course we can use this time to discuss any other question that you may have, it can, but does not have to involve starting to tap rightaway!


I am very excited that you took advantage of the opportunity to receive this session and am committed to helping you release a specific - not general - issue that bothers you right now. In the process you will experience the power of EFT.

What is a specific vs. a general isue?

General would be "I have low self esteem"

Specific would be: "It bothers me that I didn't know what to say when they yelled at me on my 30th birthday."

You get the idea of vague/general vs specific?


So with this in mind, please be prepared to answer the simple questions: "What bothers you right now?"

Remember that we will have 15 minutes, not an hour for this session, so that's why its important to be specific.
Be open to being coached to get to an issue that we can tap on and release together.
These laser focussed coaching sessions can be life changing, and I want that for you!


I only request is that you don't change or cancel your appointment, and that you wear a headset with microphone so you are prepared for our call. Speaker phone doesn't work well for EFT sessions. Your standard cellphone earplugs usually work well.

Please understand that I am reserving this time specifically and personally for you, and can't offer rescheduling unless for serious reasons such as a sudden illness, and only if time allows.

I am truly looking forward to serving you!