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While we have received many reports concerning the benefits of EFT, we do not claim that the results described in the many testimonials and other success stories included on this website and on our videos and other recordings are typical of what EFT users? experience, and we do not represent that you will achieve the same or similar success. Indeed, you may receive no benefit whatsoever.

Thank you so much for working with me! I can't believe the difference that 6 hours of EFT have made for me.

As a Vietnam Veteran I see that if we could get people who come right from the zone and teach them how to tap, they wouldn't have to go through 40 years of shit like I had to.

Thank you for EFT4Vets!



What you’re doing is wonderful! I listened to your free audio. I was very touched. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I cried listening to your passion and compassion. I wish we would have had EFT and someone like you when we came back home.

Here’s to you,

Ron Ball

Thanks for contacting me in my effort to get EFT accepted in to the VA Mental Health Care program.
As I have told you I am a former Marine Viet Nam vet. EFT has been a life changer for me in dealing with PTSD and earlier family dynamics. I wish EFT had been available while my Dad (retired Marine) was alive so he could have put his World War II and Korean War troubles to rest.
Anyone reading this and especially fellow veterans from any era considering the use of EFT owe it to themselves to take the next step and find an EFT practitioner and start the healing. Also, once you learn the procedure and set-ups, you\’ll have something in your tool box for the rest of your life. As they say \"Use it on everything\".
On a personal note I want to thank you Ingrid for graciously taking the time during our phone conversation to tap on the residual problems of driving (IEDs and sniper fire) and loud explosions (being on the receiving end) of mortars and rockets. The driving is much calmer now.
My EFT practitioner is Lori Barnett (soul-escape.biz) and she is in the San Diego, CA area.
Dale Stout

I got a lot out of your interview, Ingrid.  When I was a baby, my dad was in WW2 and mother worked to support me in his absence.   You interview made me much more conscious of the issues they faced during absence from one another and the personal changes each underwent during that time ... and all the ramifications to their relationship when they were finally reunited.    It made me really 'get it', re: our family dynamics.

Hope all is well in your world and hugs to you, Ingrid,


Thank you for the wonderful experience on Sunday.  I wouldn't of missed it for the world.  My boyfriend, who suffers from PTSD from Vietnam, is no longer my boyfriend.  I think he is holding on to not feeling well so it is time that I move on and maybe at some point he will want to feel better.  I planted a seed in him anyways, and I hope someday he will want better for himself.  Tapping has taken away that "charge" that would of really upset me about loosing a relationship but now I know how to handle situations like this.

I enjoyed the experience and it was so wonderful to share it with my sister--it was a memory type of weekend.

Your a very special lady and thank you for all you do.


Dear Ingrid,

Wow! Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend of training, self actualization and camaraderie. I am still in awe of your ability to deliver two full days worth of teaching materials and you never lost your steam or focus; I was hanging onto every word. My brother was in Vietnam and has suffered with nightmares and anxiety ever since and until this past weekend I have been in the dark about what he went through over there. Thanks to you and Andy, not only am I looking at my brother differently but I'm also able to forgive myself for not being more understanding about the changed person that came back to us so long ago. I would like to be a part of the solution now.

Because of EFT I am able to be more connected to myself and others and it amazes me how that plays out every day.I will always be a voice for EFT and you will probably hear from me.. I am going to approach my siblings about a teleclass with you to sort through some of our early traumas and now our health issues. I will be in touch about that.

Thank you again. And thank you for following your heart.



Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for the webinar the other Friday night. Eventhough my situation wasn't tapped on, the situations of others were similiar enough and it was helpful to me. And afterwards I felt this unbelievable feeling of positive energy, different than any than I have experienced before. I think that was your positive energy. You have a very strong, yet calming, soothing and accepting way about you.

Thank you so much for doing this.


I truly enjoyed watching the videos. I can feel a big difference in the way I felt before and now how I feel. All I can say is WONDERFUL. Thank You so much!

Good Morning Ingrid,

I wanted to thank you for sending me your 7 days of EFT tapping inspiration, I have found the topics of all 7 days to be helpful in my life.  I especially like your gratitude tapping sequence, I have incorporated it into my daily morning meditation routine. Meditating is new to me, I only started meditating a couple months ago. Since then, I have started to become aware of other inspirational ways to improve my life, like EFT, so I have add them to my daily meditations.  It is changing my life.

I also enjoyed you telephone call on releasing the fear of change and found that to be so helpful.  I will be listening in again this Friday.  Thank you so much.

I just rented and received Gary Craig's complete set of DVD's on EFT.  The changes in my life have already been so dramatic that I want to learn all I can so that I can share EFT with as many people as possible, so that they too can have a happier healthier life.

Thank you again,

Dear Ingrid,
I have no word for how to say thanks to you.  My day start by ur clip which found in You tube, that is 1start your day with EFT.  and last 15 days i was worried about my organization's audit.  i had fear about my team members presentation, but from 15 jan. 2011 i was regular tapped with video and subject was my audit.  Day by day my confidence was increased and got good support my team also.  My audit was a wonderful experience for me and my team member. we were enjoy our work.  Really this clip is very helpful.  SO MANY MANY THANKS THANKS THANKS.



I thought of you yesterday Ingrid.  I was watching the Dr Oz show and they did a quick EFT activity/session.  I still use what you taught me and still have the business card with the basic recipe.  It especially helps me when I'm stressed.  I just pulled the card out and put it on my desk to remind me that it helps with more than that!

Hope you're doing well and life is good.


Dear Ingrid

Thank you for this free teleclass. I've just tapped along with your 'Start the day with EFT' video and am blown away by it. Your love comes over so powerfully, and I am so grateful for your putting it out for free like that.

I am in the UK so I plan to join you via Skype - would that be ok? And what would the phone number be including the international code?

Looking forward to the call very much
With love


Dear Ingrid,

I benefited so much from the free tele-class, both emotionally (I have more hope for reaching my goals) and physically (a long-term stiff place in my shoulder has been released)!

I love what u are doing as a coach. Such an inspiration to us all.I have already introduced 2 other people to share in this.
I have been doing the tapping for about a year and I have seen for myself how well it works, but sometimes one forgets to tap when daily life catches up.
So this is a good reminder to do every day.
Thank you Ingrid.

Dear Ingrid,
Thanks again for last night’s transition session.  It was very helpful and I did go to bed with more clarity and energy, plus I slept better.   Thus I think this fed into my session on gratitude.  I do pray and feel I am aware of how incredibly I am blessed, and I look for opportunities to bless others like you did last night.  I am looking forward to my 7 days of tapping inspiration and how it will positively impact my career and job search.
Thank you for sharing the gifts you have been blessed with and I know God will continue to bless your giving heart.
Warm regards,

Hi Ingrid,
I participated in your goals setting class this evening, and it was exactly what I needed.  I didn’t say a word and yet between the man who was looking for investors for his business and the girl who was struggling with her parent’s version of work, you covered every issue I had to discuss.  Like Ken, I am between jobs and want to start my own business, but I know I don’t have all the answers and will need to get investors.  I also tend to get distracted and deep down was worried about the commitment.  I didn’t realize there were two sides of my personality talking until this conference call.  I feel like there are doors there waiting to be knocked on.  When you first did the visualization, I wrote down exactly what I picture for my shop.  It was only at the very end of the visualization that my mother’s negative voice tried to intrude on me and burst the bubble of excitement.
It was a very enlightening phone call and I marveled at the way you peeled back the layers of concern and fear that each of the participants was not really expressing with your tapping.  You brought my own concerns to the forefront and put them into words that I would never have perceived for myself.
Bravo for a job well done!  Blessings, Sue

I am going to commit to taking the course and apply it to disabled vets and active duty as well as families.
Please do more online courses and/or separate for vets.
I do feel more open and relaxed and ready to set realistic goals.

Hi Ingrid,
I was on the call this evening and I enjoyed it very much!  Thank you very much.
I am very new to EFT but I do feel that I had some positive shifts.  I’m going to go to your web site to see what I can learn about spending some time with you to get clarity on what I could do or as you say “What am I willing to do to get there”?  Understanding your career path and training might give me some insight.
Thank you again for this evening.  You gave a lot of people a wonderful gift.
Blessings to you,

Dear Ingrid,
Wow, there was fantastic energy on the call and I did absolutely feel a shift and a change from the first meditation to the second one. I feel there are a few threads that connect us and I am excited to see where this is going to go. I am intrigued by you work with Veterans, my father was one and I always thought that if I lived over by Hanover and the Veterans hospital I would volunteer to do EFT with them. I so appreciated the work you did tonight and the model you are for practicing EFT. I have sometimes beaten myself up when I was working through the points with people and the words didn’t come to me like I wanted them to. Listening to you move through those moments when they happened for you tonight was very reassuring. Thank you for putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be human in the wonderful work you are doing.
I look forward to getting to know you better and exploring what the universe has in store for us.
Blessings and appreciation,


Thank you, Ingrid!
I feel deeply nourished.
How powerful it is to tap together.
Love and Light,

Hi Ingrid,
You can absolutely use any part of my email as a testimonial.  I am working through your short videos on EFT for low self esteem, and anger and betrayal and your seven day course that starts with gratitude.  I am getting great self knowledge from them and letting go of the toxic hold that my mother and my former husband have on my psyche.  It opens me up to hearing God’s directions for my life instead of being pulled down by the people who want me to focus on all their neuroses.  When my mom says, “You don’t listen to a word I say.  You just go off and do your own thing,” that’s when I know I’m making progress. ? I will look for more of your videos on YouTube and perhaps consider working with you as a coach.  Until I stumbled onto your website on Friday, I was actually considering using a hypnotist to help me release the deep hold that my mother had on me.  I want to break the cycle of negativity and not let it carried forward to one more generation of my family.
Thank you for all your videos!

Dear Ingrid,

Thank you so much for the call Friday night!!  Thank you for taking so much time and letting the call go late.  I stayed on the whole time and tapped along with everyone, sometimes substituting my own words for my situation.  I got my EFT Insights Newsletter Friday & I don't always open it right away/the same day, but Friday for some reason I did.  I got so excited when I read about the call.  And I forwarded it to a number of my friends.

So all that to say that as a result of the call, I feel freer, more healed and more conscious of the love & support of the Divine Energy.  So thank you!!!  And thank you for giving my friend such a wonderful introduction to EFT!

Peace, Rhonda

This event was AMAZING. Ingrid, you always bring such a magnificent presence to whatever you do; very much in evidence here with this Tele Class. THANK YOU. As I said last night, you are "the cat's meow!"
I am still strongly feeling the positive energy shifts initiated yesterday, during the Tele Class, and am so very grateful, to you and to everyone who participated by listening and calling in. WONDERFUL.
Beth E. Baker

Subject: 1/28 Tele-class
Hi, Ingrid -- I was happy that my schedule changed yesterday so I could listen to your tele-class (I live on the west coast and am at work at 4 pm). I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the entire call. I really resonated with your style and your intuitive responses. You are a very clear communicator! As an added bonus, your accent is delightful and your voice is so calm and soothing! : )

I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Warm regards,


Thanks so much for this program...  I really enjoyed today's e-mail and feel that it certainly describes some of my resistance!

This is a great video especially at how well you explain the tapping points.  I am very interested in learning how to tap and becoming trained in this area, but there is no trained person in my living area.  In addition, I recently retired so I cannot afford to pay a lot for the training.
Thank you for providing this information and wonderful video.

Good morning Ingrid,
My allergies - THEY ARE GONE!!!  YEAH!!!  Maureen, my kinesiologist, verified it yesterday.  I was so happy that
I went home and had a glass of wine to celebrate.  (Wine was a very bad allergen because of the brewers'
yeast.)  I can't begin to tell you how delighted, excited, relieved, etc. I am.  I have another allergen that I worked
on and was able to get rid of.
I look forward to level 2. With love, light and peace

Thank you very much for such a wonderful class you put together.
I strive on excellence, and every detail of your presentation, your teachings, and your rapport with people was excellent.
I was very impressed with you, as a person, and how well you guided all of us during the exercises.
It was a pleasure to meet you and participate in your class.
Laurie Hartzel Life Coach

Every single expectation I had listed for your class has manifested in one form or another.
I AM recommending to all of my friends for them to sign up for your EFT I class coming up in the next two months.
Ingrid, you have given us all a GIFT to which we only know the tip of the
iceberg. You do absolutely everything "right" on so many different levels,
you're an incredible model for us all! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your passion, beautiful heart and healing!
Many, many blessings
Donna L. Tobey, Eliot, ME

I'm truly glad I took the chance to learn EFT. It is a wonderful modality, truly effective and extremely simple which
is what makes it so useful!!!
I've so far shared it with almost all of my clients-its so fun! And have been using it for myself as well! Its such a
wonderful thing
Much peace joy and blessings.
You give a great presentation and you will see me at the next training whenever that is for level 2.  Thanks again
and we will talk to soon!!
Jesse Payne, Personal Trainer

"Thank you for a wonderful day of great healing, fun and information!!!  Your passion for teaching, and EFT,
certainly shows through!
I specifically want to thank you for working with me this afternoon.  I really thought I had dealt with the stairway
issue.  However, after EFT I and Saturday's session I realized that I had only found a place to store it.  I am
situation and all of the negative emotions that went along with it!"
Lynne Martin, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher

"The EFT Level II class was an incredible journey of being real and totally
freedom through tapping. Each participant held each other in safety and Every time someone shared, it opened
the door for someone else to be woman, and as a healer.
JY, REIKI Master, Lexington, MA

Thanks to you and EFT, I am not living with the emotional garbage I used to drag around and that has opened a
whole new world of possibility for me.  I love my life in a way I've never known.
Denise McDougal, NH

I smile when you ask how I am doing because it is such a different “How have started working together I feel
more grounded and mature than I have in the last 35 years.  It is a wonderful and amazing change and, to say
the least, I look forward to clearing more away!!
E.B., NH

Dear Ingrid, we are well, thanks for asking. We are tapping on everything we can think of. We had a Great time
in the advanced training, and watch the DVD's a couple of nights a week.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon so please keep me informed about any level three training you will

Thank You for such a wonderful day Saturday! I already watched half of Palace of Possibilities and thought it
was great!
As for me, I actually found it difficult, near to impossible, to dredge up any of the anxiety feelings I normally have
before going into work. When I drove into the parking lot and saw her car, it didn’t even phase me!~ I kick in. In
other words, Saturday evening, I still had slight doubts, but by last night and into this morning, the feelings of
fear I usually would be feeling, were GONE!! I can’t thank you enough!
Definitely count us in for the May weekend!
Dave, Manchester, NH


Just wanted to let you know I thought your presentation of EFT Level 1 was fabulous. It was an honor and
pleasure to spend Sunday with you, and to experience the seminar which you facilitated so well. I am spreading
the I was able to see your aura throughout the day.  It was lavender from the neck down, and above the neck it
was glowing white and/or a cream color.  Being able to see auras is a wish I had made recently.  Apparently, it's
been granted, that I can see them on occasion.
In Love and Light
Claudette Paradis, MA


I just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop on Saturday.
I look forward to using EFT in my day to day life.  It really is powerful and I found that out in your level 1
workshop.  You are a great teacher and your passion about EFT is awesome, it's easy to see why you are so
passionate about this.
Looking forward to keeping you updated with my success of tapping 🙂
In love and light,
A.B. Reiki Master/Tarot Reader

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