EFT4Vets will be presented at the ACEP Conference in San Diego

In San Diego, I will not only speak about how to use EFT Tapping effectively, which was demonstrated so well in the research that we have and the filming of the documentary in San Francisco.

But I will also put great emphasize on teaching some principals of the military mindset, military values, limitations and open doors.

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A new approach to Healing Veterans with war trauma

Joe, USMC: “I am not asking for anything other than that you healers don’t give up; continue to approach the Veteran. Plant the seed early. It took me 35 plus years to discover/acknowledge that I had anything wrong with me. Many of the things that are wrong with me can be cared for with EFT. So don’t give up because someone did not listen, or did not respond.”

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How military families can use EFT to help Veterans with PTSD

We need to rethink the support that we offer the Veterans and returning troops, and include helping and supporting those who are currently carrying the majority of the load: The Families, military buddies, friends and community members. New healing techniques that don’t require a background in mental health, but rather focus on the soldier’s description of war trauma as a symptom of the soul are necessary.

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How to get out of your own way with EFT Tapping

If you read this post with interest, you probably resonate with the idea of being in your own way when it comes to reaching a goal on some level.

I believe most people are, I certainly have lots of stories to share about this.

It is this moment when we realize that everything is in alignment, all of our plans and goals are working out nicely, and then it is just this final step that needs to be done… and this step gets dragged on and on.

Do you know what I mean?

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Getting Veterans help, one person at a time

When I first started working with Veterans, I was stunned to find out how hard it was to reach out and offer even a free EFT session. No matter who I talked to, The VAs and Vet Centers, VFWs and many military and non military veterans organizations, there was no interest. I was usually recognized for my willingness to help, and then people didn’t know what to doo with me and the offer.

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Update on yesterday's Free Tele class

We had a 79 people signed up, and a great time during last night’s free Tele Class “release your resistance to healing and reaching your goals”. As the tapping progressed, the energy rised in quite wonderful ways. People began to shift to a calmer, more relaxed and peaceful place within themselves and the way they related to the outside world and to other people and the problems they might face began to feel significantly different.

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