Marketing Your Healing Practice – How Much Technology Do You Really Need?

When it comes to marketing your healing or coaching practice, using the internet can be very overwhelming. Of course, you can use EFT to tap on these feelings and help you feel more at ease. But in addition to tapping, most transformational entrepreneurs don’t have enough technological background to understand how internet marketing actually works. Having a professional looking blog, a free giveaway with an optin box, an auto responder service and a presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin is truly enough to support you in growing your business as a transformational entrepreneur. Please read on!

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Time Management Tips – How To Learn New Technology Without Overwhelm

A simple time management tip that can change your life. For transformational entrepreneurs, there is always more to learn. We often don’t have brick and mortar storefronts or offices, so the internet becomes our “home” the place where we attract clients, where we talk about what we are passionate about, and what we have to offer and how we can change the world. Please read on for a very simple tip how we can learn and implement new technology effectively by planning ahead.

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Successful Networking – How To Attract Clients And Grow Your Business Through Live Events

For transformational entrepreneurs, healers and small business owners, the word “sales” is often a trigger. Many people feel that they should “attract” clients without having to sell or market. But in truth, your intention determines your experience. If you go to an event with the intention not to sell or market, but just to meet likeminded people and see what happens, then the people who are actively looking for help will have a hard time finding you. If you are out there with the intention to attract clients, then your potential clients can find you easily. Please read on to explore more about the right mindset for attracting clients on a networking event.

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Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT to Help You Build Your Successful Business

Do you feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks of building a business?
Do you feel like you just can’t do it, it’s too much?
Is there too much to learn, understand and implement?
And do you feel stuck and lose hope as a result?
Here is a free EFT Tapping Script that can help you get unstuck and take the next logical steps to success.

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Small Business Planning for Coaches: Do You Know Your Colleagues?

Not the effectiveness of your tool or service is what will help you fill your practice, but the decision of your potential clients to work with you.

Therefore it is important that you know who else serves people in your niche.
What do they do and offer?
Where are their limits? (And where are yours?)
How much do they charge?
How many visits, consultations, products do they need or suggest to bring the desired result?
Do they work over the phone?
Where are they better, more effective, more accessible, cheaper than you?
How do they market their business?
You want to position yourself wisely, so that you can build your business, and allow for your client to get the best service you are capable of, without having to struggle, because there are too many people offering what you do. Please read on!

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Business Plan for Small Business Owners: Mindset for Budget

Your budget is extremely important, as it will determine if your business is successful.
Please don’t make the mistake that many transformational entrepreneurs make and say to yourself that you don’t need much.

Would you give me permission, for a moment, to give you an unfiltered “rant”?

Thank you. Here we go:

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How to create a one page business plan – Successful goal setting for 2012

To create a successful business plan and life plan, you have to feel comfortable setting specific, measurable goals. Most of my transformational entrepreneurs and small business owner clients feel some resistance or overwhelm when it comes to this. But think about it this way: Your goals is where you get to exercise the freedom of making decisions for your life. You don’t have to wait for what life offers to you, you can determine what it is that you want and how you want it. This is truly a lot of fun, one you get used to it. Please read on for quite a bit of information and inspiration on how to set successful goals.!

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