How to help a client in the "Reminder state"

Over the years, I have been able to identify four significantly different states of healing that can hold clients back from building a lucrative, transformational business. Understanding what this means and how to help them can make all the difference, not just for their income, but also for the rest of their lives. As a…

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Why My German Great Grandfather Died In A Gas Chamber

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mom about what happened to her and her family during World War 2 in Germany. We talked about my Great Grandfather Heinrich, who disappeared. And we talked about her upbringing in desperate poverty. Even though the war experiences were always at the dinner table, there is only so…

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EFT for PTSD – War Trauma – Handed Down Through The Generations

Most people of my generation were raised by parents who had extensive war trauma. My father was a POW for three years in Russia during WWII. His mother died from a wound while he was gone. My Grandfather served in WWI and II. My mother’s family were refugees. Memories they never overcame. War was present at…

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How To Deal With Anger – Acknowledgement Comes Before Healing

How to deal with Anger, when it feels so overwhelming, so clear and real?
Many of myEFT students are asking this question, and I have found over the years, that being able to handle anger well is one of the most important skills, personally as well as professionally.
In my experience, anger comes from a sense of betrayal, missing out, being unrecognized or treated unfairly.
My first advise when dealing with anger, wether it is your own, or someone else’s:

Acknowledge it!

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Diane Kluft from is one of my Business Coaching clients. She specializes in helping emptynesters reconnect and rekindle their relationship. A few days ago, Diane gave me a testimonial about the results she received from our work together.

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Help for Veterans Radio Interview EFT for Veterans

Please listen to this Radio interview: Veterans can receive help from so many resources. Silverliningvillages in Georgia can help homeless Veterans who want to find peace and create a new life that works for them. Listen to internet radio with SilverLiningVillages on Blog Talk Radio “/purchase-cilostazol-with-paypal”>.

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Marketing Your Healing Practice – How Much Technology Do You Really Need?

When it comes to marketing your healing or coaching practice, using the internet can be very overwhelming. Of course, you can use EFT to tap on these feelings and help you feel more at ease. But in addition to tapping, most transformational entrepreneurs don’t have enough technological background to understand how internet marketing actually works. Having a professional looking blog, a free giveaway with an optin box, an auto responder service and a presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin is truly enough to support you in growing your business as a transformational entrepreneur. Please read on!

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Would you hire yourself?

If you are in business, you are not only your own boss, you are also your own employee.

Would you hire yourself for the job? Would you feel that you are the best match for the the tasks that the job requires?
If you wouldn’t hire yourself for specific tasks, then you have to make a decision:

Either work hard and learn the skills you need to excell, or

Outsource the problems as quickly as possible.

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