EFT Certification: There magic of group training

Whenever I teach an EFT certification workshop, I am excited to learn more about the deeper reason why this particular group of people is coming together at this time.

There are four things that make a workshop successful: The training materials and curriculum, the skill level of the trainer, the devotion of the students to their own curiosity and, and this is a big one: The composition and connection within the group. The sense of connectedness, compassion, support and judgement free acknowledgment that the group offers each other creates friendship for a lifetime.

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Coaching for Coaches: Your business will grow when you take action!

I know how challenging it is to take continuous action.

Therefore, I have created an EFT tapping script and audio for you that can help you get motivated and take focused and intentional action every day.

To download my EFT for taking action Tapping script and audio, please go to:


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Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT for Taking Action

Taking continuous action is one of the most important skills that separates successful people from not so successful folks. If you have to fight with yourself every day about what action to take, if you feel resistance about doing something new and creative, something kind and focused that can help you move forward with your business and your life, the following tapping script is for you.

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