Coaching for Coaches: Your business will grow when you take action!

Coaching for Coaches: Your business will grow when you take action!

In my experience as a business coach for coaches and healing professionals, I see my client’s success skyrocket as soon as they commit to taking action.

Working with a  coach is the first step – I don’t know a single, successful coach or EFTer who has a 5 or 6 figure monthly income, who does not have a mastermind and receive continuous, extensive coaching and training from a coach who has already achieved what she is dreaming of.


However, becoming successful requires more than getting input, feedback, support, inspiration and training.

It requires taking action upon what you learn!

A coach does NOT do the work for you.

A coach does not GIVE you clients.

A coach teaches and coaches you HOW to get clients.

But YOU have to do the work.

Working with a coach will make you busy.

You will be working more focused, more goal oriented.

You will know what your next steps are.

You will begin to implement what you have learned.

You will reach out I ways you never have before.

You will find and define your niche, your ideal clients, your programs and offerings.

Your business will unfold in front of you, as soon as YOU are ready to take action.

I know how challenging it is to take continuous action.

Therefore, I have created an EFT tapping script and audio for you that can help you get motivated and take focused and intentional action every day.

To download my EFT for taking action Tapping script and audio, please go to:

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