Why Your Company will benefit from hiring veterans

Veterans bring a unique set of leadership skills, technical training and work ethics to any job. Please download our free guide:

The Problem of Reintegration

The increasing number of multiple deployments in recent wars has the divide between military veterans and the civilian world, often leading to struggles and problems after leaving the military service.

Many of these problems could be avoided if

- the civilian world had a better understanding of the situation, mindset and strengths and also requirements of our returning Veterans

  • Veterans and their families had access to and were trained how to self regulate stress, how to release the triggers of traumatic memories, how to improve sleep, release nightmares and let go of the fight/flight or freeze response that so often results from exposure to traumatic shock.
  • how to maneuver the corporate environment, move up the ladder to a successful career and communicate their unique skills so they can be placed and supported in the best possible career position
  • How to identify issues that can’t be dealt with alone and how to take decisive action when mental/emotional support is called for
  • How to help a buddy who is in need of mental/emotional support

Even more problems could be avoided if the civilian world were better prepared to welcome our Veterans home.


The Cost of The Lack of awareness

Large corporations spend up to 30% of their hiring budget for hiring veterans, yet almost 50% of veterans leave their first job within the first year, most often due to lack of opportunity to move up, wrong placement, misunderstandings within the team.

In contrast only 16% of those veterans who leave got fired or had to be let go.

So the biggest misalignment is on the Veteran’s side, which is a gap that HR and the companies must learn to bridge.

While not everybody is a good fit for a position and it might have been ways to part ways, in the majority of cases mistakes and misunderstandings could be easily avoided with the help of training in awareness, strategies and tools to hire and onboard correctly and successfully

Veterans Return provides such a training to companies and organizations who want to maximize their return on investment of their veteran hire.

Download PDF: 10 things to avoid when speaking to a veteran 

Hiring Veterans is a very high goal for many companies, however, over 40% of HR and 72% of civilians report that they have no idea what veterans and their families are going through once they leave the service, and how to interview a potential hire for success.

Many of these skills can be easily trained on different levels of your organization:

1.Awareness: Deepen the understanding of your employers and staff for their Veteran Co-workers through Military culture training as well as rapport building

2. Tools: Support your Veteran hire through stress relief tools, as well as civilian and corporate  culture training. Assist through mentoring and system strategies to enhance a work environment conductive to both your civilian and veteran employees

3. Optimization:  Train HR and your leadership staff in veteran appropriate interview style and create awareness for the mindset of leadership and following command most Veterans bring to the table. Learn to avoid yes/no questions as well as ask the right questions about the military resume.

When Private Coaching Makes Sense

Reintegrating into an unfamiliar world is as exciting as it can be overwhelming.

Added to this is the stress of daily life, family life as well as memories from deployments.

Most civilians have no idea what veterans are going through, and most veterans will never tell.

However, while veterans are extremely resilient and have been trained to keep their eyes on the goal and push forward, some memories or old belief systems can still be in the way of a successful career. And so often, they are just too difficult to take on alone.

Especially when paired with feelings of survivors guilt or inadequacy, it can become impossible for a service member or veteran to successfully get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

Veterans will appreciate your support in offering personal or group training in effective stress relief tools.