During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it has become more important than ever to find ways to quickly and effectively release stress and overwhelm, and get adjusted to the many changes that this unprecedented situation brings to all our lives.

Wether you are a medical professional or emergency responder at the front lines, a public servant or an employee who finds herself suddenly working from home, developing good coping skills is absolutely essential to debrief, destress, and develop resiliency and mental-emotional calm that is so needed to get through these challenging times.

EFT Master Trainer Ingrid Dinter is here to help organizations and individuals achieve that strength through a proven combination of self help tools that lower cortisol levels and allow you to focus, paired with highly effective systems and tools that help you get reorganized and thrive.


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What We Offer:


Stress Release for Medical Staff and Essential Workers

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Corporate Speaking and Training

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EFT-Stress and Trauma Release Training and Private Coaching

Other Services

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Experience The Transformation

Professional Speaker

Bring Transformation, Motivation, Inspiration and positive Change to your Company, Organization or Event.

Ingrid Dinter integrates her professional speaking skills with her signature style of upbeat, thought provoking and deeply transformational EFT.

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Learn EFT With Ingrid Dinter

Get EFT certified

Do you want to become a certified EFT Practitioner, experience a live workshop or participate in a transformational webinar?

Receive information about our upcoming trainings here. Ingrid is an EFT International accredited EFT Master Trainer with over 18+ years of experience with EFT.

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Change Your Life

Coach and Mentor

Release the past and design your future. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Let me show you how to get into mental and emotional alignment with your goals, and create success strategies that work.

  • Thank you for this free teleclass. I’ve just tapped along with your ‘Start the day with EFT’ video and am blown away by it. Your love comes over so powerfully, and I am so grateful for your putting it out for free like that. I am in the UK so I plan to join you via Skype – would that be ok? And what would the phone number be including the international code? Looking forward to the call very much With love Sally


  • Dear Ingrid, I have no words for how to say thanks to you. My day starts by watching your videoclip “start your day with EFT” on yotube. For the last 15 days I was worried about my organization’s audit and my team members presentation. But once I regularly tapped with your video, my confidence increased more and more every day. My audit turned out to be a wonderful experience for me and my team members, and we now truly enjoy our work. This video clip has been so very helpful. MANY MANY THANKS!


  • Hi Ingrid, I participated in your goals setting class this evening, and it was exactly what I needed. I didn’t say a word and yet between the man who was looking for investors for his business and the girl who was struggling with her parent’s version of work, you covered every issue I had to discuss. It was a very enlightening phone call and I marveled at the way you peeled back the layers of concern and fear that each of the participants was not really expressing with your tapping. You brought my own concerns to the forefront and put them into words that I would never have perceived for myself. Bravo for a job well done! Blessings


Testimonial of War Veteran "KFL

Bosnia War Veteran KFL

Hello to all who read this testimonial concerning my recovery from a massive Panic Attack using EFT. I received complete recovery for that particular event through Tapping.

A short history of me: Basically I was a driver on convoys in Croatia and Bosnia in early 90’s before the Dayton Agreement. Our rules of engagement were simple:  If anyone fires at you:

#1 don’t fire back

#2 if someone from our contingent is killed or wounded severely, put the person in back of the truck and keep going, do not fire back.

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