Richard, a Vietnam Veteran was constantly threatened by his own men. In his base, there was huge tension between white, black and ethnic soldiers. The Veteran stood up for a Vietnamese woman who was about to be raped and saved her from that. As a result, he was severely harassed and threatened by his own men.

One of his soldiers went into a rage after drinking heavily and picked a dangerous fight with Richard. In the night, he stuck his rifle through the tent and pointed it at the Richard. Richard noticed it early enough and was able to disarm him. Then he chained the outside to a tree to sober him out.
The soldier was enraged by this and promised Richard that he would kill him as soon as he is inattentive. Richard lived under constant threat didn’t have a safe moment until the soldier fell in battle.

With EFT, we were able to take the enormous charge out of these memories and allow for him to relax.
As a result, Richard’s Fibromyalgia knots shrank from golf ball size to marble size, and disappeared completely shortly after.

He also released the chronic pain in his shoulders, arms and neck, and the tension in his legs and several other parts of his body.