KP=Side of Hand TH=Top of Head IE=Inside Eyebrow OE=Outside of Eye UE=Under Eye UN=Under Nose UL=Under Lip CB=Under Collar Bone UA=Under Arm

The basic EFT recipe:

Focus on one specific feeling or physical symptom related to a memory or situation. Rate how intense or true it is, on a scale of 0 (not there at all) to 10 (extreme). If you are not sure, feel numb or don’t feel safe to think about something, just give it your best guess, and then forget about it.

Tap with the fingertips of your dominate hand on the “Karate Chop Point” (KP) on the side of your non-dominant hand.

Repeat 3 times, while tapping:” Even though I feel (the feeling you want to release), I deeply and completely accept myself.

Then tap on the following points, while repeating the the feeling you would like to release.

TH – Top of the head

IE – Inside of the eyebrow

OE -Outside of the eye

UE – Under the eye

UN – Under the nose

UL – Under the lower lip

CB – under the end of the collar bone

UA – 4” below the armpit on the side of the body

TH – top of the head

Then reevaluate the intensity of your feeling.

– Did it go down? Then repeat the above with “this reminding feeling” as a reminder phrase

– Did a new feeling or issue come up? Then make sure that the initial feeling or issue is resolved, and repeat the above with the new feeling

– Is the intensity gone? Or is it less?

It might take a few rounds of tapping to release the intensity of this memory.

Keep going but remember: some issues should not be addressed alone. You may want to reach out to a trained practitioner, or, for medical or MH issues, you are advised to work with a licensed professional.

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