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Would you like to experience the power of EFT? Then we'd like to offer you the opportunity for a free, private 15 minute EFT Laser Coaching Call with Ingrid.

Please click the link below to book this session!

How to prepare:

Just answer the simple question: "What bothers you today?".

Ingrid will then quickly coach you to identify an underlying belief or memory issue of this problem and help you release it with EFT.

These laser coaching sessions can be life changing!

Please choose the best time from the calendar by clicking on the link below.

Terms and Conditions: Since we reserve this special time only for you, we must kindly request that you don't change or cancel your appointment unless there is a serious reason, such as a sudden illness.
We ask that you DON'T USE A SPEAKER PHONE, but instead wear a headset with mic, such as your cellphone's earplugs, for our call. 

Please understand that we are reserving this private coaching time specifically and personally for you, and can't offer rescheduling unless for serious reasons such as a sudden illness, and only if time allows.