EFT Testimonial from Vietnam Veteran “Joe”

Here is a post of  a Veteran that truly who Trauma/PTSD forum on emofree.com that I moderate.

Joe’s openness and clarity helped me and many others understand why helping Veterans one by one is truly a good way to go.

I believe that with EFT coaching we can create something new, an effective and healing approach for Veterans and their families that allows for the soldiers to feel safe and comfortable in a compassionate respectful and non-judgmental environment.

Here is Joe’s letter:

Hi All,

The VA does not allow programs or processes that are not approved “somewhere up there-somewhere.” Excuse the language. I, as a Viet Vet, have attempted to bring up EFT during my counseling sessions and the Dr just looks at me kinda funny and keeps right on going with the regular counseling protocol.

He asked me: “What kind of supplements are you taking right now?” I told him and he prescribed what I was taking, but gave me the VA version of those supplements. Go figure! I think my choices were better.

One counselor I asked: “how long is this going to take?” His answer was “as long as you want it to.” I told him that I was goal oriented and wanted to know when I was going to be better. Again he said that it was up  to me. What? What does that mean?

Well, I did not know anything about EFT or PTSD until 2005. I didn’t know that I was afflicted with anything until I ran out of health insurance and went to the VA to see if I had any benefits. They found many things wrong with me. To continue receiving benefits I have to continue being sick– according to the VA.

I am not angry at the VA, I understand that it is a very big organization that has to follow guidelines and spend their dollars according to what the government allows and dictates. And, there are may veterans entering that system right now.

What brought my illnesses to the open (physical and emotional) was 9/11.

All of a sudden things are backwards and I don’t know why. Didn’t work for two years.
Started going through the jobs.

Anger; Used up my resources; no work; no health insurance; what’s up with all of this?

Fortunately I have a strong sense of survival. I started looking things up and found EFT and other resources to get help.

But, this is not a purty story because even though I know EFT I have not used it on myself. Even with all the EFT examples of success in many areas, not used it on my self!

Some of this thinking was brought out earlier on a post about the military mind. Much to work with on just the “military mind.”

Yes, we are the best military in the world right now. WE, the various branches, can turn out the best soldier now. This is a world of night and day; desert and mountain; cold and hot; and war is going to be with us for some time. The cost, of coarse, is human. Some disabilities will be quickly seen others not seen so soon and maybe not seen until far in the future.

I am not asking for anything other than that you healers don’t give up; continue to approach the Veteran. Plant the seed early. It took me 35 plus years to discover/acknowledge that I had anything wrong with me. Many of the things that are wrong with me can be cared for with EFT. So don’t give up because someone did not listen, or did not respond.

Don’t go to the VA or the military unless you are ready to fight the government at a high level. Don’t approach the individual in the military environment. They will respond even less.

Like in EFT, frame your contact setup correctly. I was told by my current counselor that traumatized individuals marry the same. Don’t know if this is true, but if it is, then I guess this is a big hint.

Go to the individual. Some of the suggestions I have seen expressed in this forum are good if they are put together into a process of how to approach the military individual.

May the blessings be to all healers.

PS: by the way; 27 years in the USMC for those of you who have that question.”

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