Bob Culver

One of the men that I had the honor to meet in San Francisco, during the film project was Bob Culver.

Bob had a long journey of trauma even before joining the military had suffered from PTSD for decades.

Bob has been an inspiration in his dedication to move forward with tapping, no matter what life threw at him.

After returning from San Francisco, Bob continued to work as an institutional chef, until his apartment caught fire and the house burned down to the ground, with all his belongings.

Thanks to the generosity of caring Veterans and people that knew him through the video, we could gather enough finances for Bob to help him relocate to North Carolina, where his daughter and grandchild live.

About ten months later, the job situation forced him to take a short term job in Massachusetts, then he decided to return to North Carolina to be closer to his family and the new grandchild. Bob has now retired in Pennsylvania.

Bob does not have an easy life, but EFT has helped him tremendously to stay focused and calm, no matter what life throws at him.

He strongly believes that every day tapping is crucial for long term success, and he is an amazing inspiration for many others who share military trauma and live with the consequences very day.

Bob’s message is:” Try it once and see for yourself”.

Bob passed away last year, but his  dedication to helping other Veterans has saved many lives. He always gladly connected with Veterans and other people who wanted to learn more about EFT.

Bob is dearly missed.