Death of our beloved cat Stella

On Wednesday night, after the last call of our 90 day online business training, our dear cat Stella passed away.

It was rather horrific, as I found her dead in her litter box, when I went to clean it on my way to bed.

She had seemed of good health, a bit overweight, but very content and cute, and had the privilege to sleep on a sheepskin on my daughter’s bed.

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Start your day with EFT video

I hope you had a great night’s sleep. Here is a video for you that might help you get a good start.

Why is this so important?

Because the day hasn’t happened yet. You are creating it right now. Your thoughts, your expectations are creating the events and obstacles that you might run into.

Just take a breath and relax. Think about something wonderful, something that makes you smile. Can you feel it? Can you see how easy it is to indulge in this thought?

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How do you start your day?

Are you starting your day in a peaceful way? Are you glad and excited that it is finally beginning? Can you not wait to see what will be happening?

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I have learned a great deal about affiliate marketing and how to implement it, so it helps others learn and benefit more. I have learned about blogging and article writing and am working on doing this daily (or as close to daily as it gets) now. It is a wonderful turn that my business has taken, and all of this came because..well…I listened to a free Tele class.

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Overcoming the fear of getting organized with EFT Tapping

Overcoming the fear of getting organized. Why would being uncluttered be such a bad thing? Once the clutter is gone, the open space appears. This takes some getting used to – but what the heck…:-)
Here are some EFT tapping suggestions that will help you overcome those fears of getting organized and living an uncluttered life.

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A free service for soldiers disappears…

I just received the email below from Chris Hagey. Chris has started to offer free services to returning servicemembers and their families. It was a project that was created with much idealism, and other practitioners signed up to help. However, after two years, she is now closing the website, as the response from soldiers and their families has been rather minimal. Most of us healing practitioners are struggling with reaching out effectively. Here are some thoughts that came through my experience of introducing hundreds of soldiers to EFT.

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EFT Tapping to improve concentration

Do you need to improve concentration? Do you feel uncomfortable and boxed in thinking about doing only one thing at a time? Here is an EFT tapping concentration exercise that might help you finish what you started.

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This is why I got started to learn about EFT

“Why should something that hurt me a very long time ago, and within a split second, take so much time, so many years of talking and thinking to get rid of?” What is it that actually hurts, if not the thought itself? “talking it out” can help cope with a problem, but it often does not release the emotional charge of it. And bringing up the feelings usually – well – brings them back up – and there they are…almost unchanged, as if the pain had just happened. EFT Tapping has been the most transformational tool I have ever come across, and I have since moved on to passionately teach it to others, including Veterans and their families, who suffer from war trauma.

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