Marketing Your Healing Practice – How Much Technology Do You Really Need?

When it comes to marketing your healing or coaching practice, using the internet can be very overwhelming.

Most transformational entrepreneurs don’t have enough technological background to understand how internet marketing actually works.

So they spend hours after hours trying to figure out their blog or website, finding the button to upload a picture, and the word “Autoresponder” leaves them shrug their shoulders.

I have certainly been there. More than two years ago, I felt that I just can’t be successful in my coaching practice until I have all this figured out.

So I took charge, and started to travel the country to learn from the best.

I did a number of programs, live workshops, tele classes and a mastermind program with Connie Ragen Green and Jeanette Cates, who is famous for her “tech tamer” programs. I joined Armand Morin’s AM2 Mastermind program, went to big Seminar and many other live events. I went to unseminar with PAt O’Bryan and learned from some of the forerunners in internet marketing and online business. I have attended many more workshops and purchased lots of outstanding programs to help me get through the hurdles of feeling comfortable and knowledgable online.


I am very grateful for the continued support I am receiving and all the learning that I am able to do.

However, for my coaching clients, I highly recommend to not invest so much in the beginning.

A transformational entrepreneur who is still working on reaching the 6 figure mark is usually very well served with the following:

A wordpress blog

An autoresponder/newsletter program

A freebie to get people to optin

A presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin.

It is very important that you are able to gather your site’s visitor’s email addresses, so that you can serve them in your newsletters and build a good relationship.

Relationship marketing is everything in this economy, where people are very mindful about who they spend their money with and who they trust enough to take advise and coaching from.

Nobody would sign up for an expensive program with you until you have proven your skill level, have established a relationship that makes your visitors feel that they know, like and trust you.

Yes, there is a lot of information out there about all the wonderful things you can do online, and if you have the time to learn, and it truly fascinates you, there is nothing wrong in learning more about what is possible.

But it can also sidetrack you from making those personal phone calls, meeting potential clients in person and always think about the package that you have to offer to help others in their life or business.

Nothing is more important than those personal connections. So please make sure that you don’t overdo your focus on the internet, and leave the house to meet people instead.

For everything you don’t know how to do, just get a webmaster. These are people who are skilled and trained to solve your online problem in minutes, where it would take you hours to even find out how to learn what needs to be done.

Having a professional looking blog, a free giveaway with an optin box, an auto responder service and a presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin is truly enough to support you in growing your business as a transformational entrepreneur.



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