Gaining EFT experience, not just knowledge!

If you’d like to join us for the EFT training, please sign up before Saturday, May 14th to receive an early sign up discount!

Sunday in a week is a very special day for me:

On May 23rd, I will once again be teaching an introductory level EFT workshop, with some focus on working with Veterans. This is special, as I believe that a live workshop is truly the best way to learn EFT.
I say this with so much conviction, because live trainings were truly what enabled me to achive the effectiveness in EFT that I have today.
Naturally, I have watched Gary Craigs DVDs many times, read the emofree newsletter and moderated his Trauma/PTSD forum and his Practitioners forum, but all the live trainings with Gary and other skilled practitioners were what truly got me on the way.

It was during those live, hands on workshops, that I met other practitioners and was able to experience and witness EFT healing first hand.
It was then that I could step up to the microphone and ask my questions that had bothered me for some time. It was in the community of like minded people, many of which became my friends, that I realized the phenomenal gift that we have with EFT.
I continued to attend Gary’s and other workshops even after I realized that I was good and effective with EFT.
Every class gave me new insights, widened my horizon and allowed me to observe and study EFT from aspects that I would not have been able to learn by myself.

It was a big deal for me to attend those classes, as I am in NH, and Gary taught all over the US, but it was worth it, as I was very serious about learning.

I am grateful that I can pass this knowledge and my personal experience with EFT on to my students.

The next training in NH will be Sunday, May 23rd. 

We will have the time to be specific, to really go in the background of EFT and to explore many different ways of applying it.

I keep the class size small enough to be able to work with many attendants individually or in small groups. My goal for this class is to help you gain knowledge, experience and confidence, and help you shift to a higher level of awareness, where healing becomes a part of life, and we embrace our natural choices, leaving the feeling of victimization behind.

It will be fun and very powerful. Tomorrow, Friday May 14th I will present EFT to the NH Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team “DBHRT”, of which I am a member, and I have already received interest for the workshop. I have currently 6 spaces left, so if you were on the fence, please make sure that you claim your spot soon. I truly hope you can make it!

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