EFT Bonus free during book launch! Pat O'Bryan, Joe Vitale, Connie Ragen Green

This book from my teachers can change your life, and the bonuses definitely will.

But Today Only!


In one of my least emails, I had told you about some changes that I have made in my life: I realized that I had to find new ways to reach out to those that need my services, and that most people today find me online.

So I had to understand how the internet and social marketing works, how to create a blog that people can find and how to write and publish my articles in a way that they are helpful and beneficial to those who want more information about EFT and don’t know where to find it.

You know that I am very passionate about EFT (which was promoted 100% online, and changed the lives of millions of  people all over the world), and I dream about the day when everybody understands that tapping on trauma and resistance is more self respecting and effective than dwelling on it.

Last week I got word from my writing teacher Pat O’Bryan, who has written a life changing book with Joe Vitale, Connie Ragen Green and others.

I love the information that they share (you know Joe from the movie “the secret,”) and am more than happy to support the launch. Please know that I am getting no commission for this, I just believe it is great information for many of my clients and students who are struggling financially right now, and need hands on information that they don’t have access to yet.


I created a 7 day EFT series using Tapping for successful and authentic goal setting (I am very proud of how it came out – I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from it), as well as offer a

FREE 1.5 hour EFT Tele Class for successful goal setting on

Friday, January 28th 2011 at 7:00pm – 8:30pm EST.

I have never offered such a long class for free,

but I want to do whatever I  can to support you in setting your goals powerfully and authentically, so that you can actually move forward with them and claim the success that you deserve.

All you need to go to participate is to  get this book (and read it! :-), then go to my website, get the 7 day EFT e-course and sign up for the class!:


Please know that I am not an affiliate for this book, meaning that I don’t get paid  for telling you about it.

Pat and Connie are my teachers and have been supporting me tremendously, so I want to support them getting the exposure that the book deserves.

Here is  the link again:


Hope to talk to you on Friday during the FREE 1.5 hour EFT Tele Class!




  1. Susan Lacombe on January 27, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Hi Ingrid,
    This all went into my spam. I signed up for your course, I really look forward to it. As far as the book it is not letting me download it. Any assistance is very appreciated.
    Many Blessing,

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