Free Tapping Script: Healing the resentment about "I never get what I want!"

I never get what I wantPlease scroll down for a free Tapping Script to help you with feeling resentful about “I don’t get to have it”!

Sometimes, energies seem to be so strong that they are visible everywhere around us.

It seems like they are right in our face, people talk about it on the streets, the TV is full of them, and even our immediate environment seems to radiate them in ways that that are new.

The energies that I am observing as of late are great anger and resentment, paired with the feeling :

“I never get to have what I want.”


This feeling that we can never be good enough to ensure that we get what we need.

This feeling that people will take advantage of us and unless we have our guard up and protest loudly, something tough will happen.

Have you observed this as well?

The feeling that goes along with the belief “I never get to have what I want” are resentment, even rage, and a deep, never healing sense of betrayal.

Often they come from very far back, from childhood when we were not understood or others, mabe siblings were preferred over us.

In my experience, the first step to healing this is not tapping on the pain, it is tapping on acknowledging that it happened.

Acknowledgment is so important these days. Yes, we can release lots of emotions and beliefs with EFT, but unless we can truly hold space without judgment that injustice happened and it was not right, it will be very difficult for us to transform our life and move away from the pain and anger we feel.

Yesterday, I wrote a blogpost about this that explains this further. I’d love it if you could leave a comment and forwarded it if you feel that somebody would benefit from it.

Tapping Script



Please go to for a short video that will demonstrate how to do the tapping.

The first feeling that we want to tap on is a feeling of resentment, this overall anger that stems from a feeling of betrayal. Very often, we can feel this in our stomach, in the chest or gut.

Just check in with yourself, notice any tension in your body.

Give the tension an intensity rating on a scale of 0-10 (gone-extreme)

Then start tapping with me:

KP: Even though I am so angry that I don’t get to have what I want, I ompletely love and accept myself.


KP: Even though I feel so left out and hurt right now, they never see what I want and need, I allow myself the peace and strength that I need


KP: Even though I am so resentful right now, I love and accept myself anyway and without judgment.

TH: I am angry


OE: SO angry!!!

UE: It is frustrating

UL: It is SO frustrating

CB: I never get what I want

UA: And nobody seems to care about how I feel

TH: It is SO frustrating to feel this way, and nobody helps me and gives me what I want


Take a breath….

You can relax now

You are safe and you are being heard…


TH: What if I could let go of this resentment?

IE: What if I didn’t have to feel this way?

OE: What if I didn’t have to suffer so much

UE: ANd if there was another way to make sure that I get what I want

UN: I don’t like to be like this

UL: I don’t like that they make me feel this way

CB: It is frustrating and hurtful to feel this way

UA: And it’s not even effective, otherwise I would now have what I want

TH: I am open to the feeling that things can shift soon, in a way that works better for me


Take another breath…

Do you notice a shift?

Feeling lighter, more at ease, more positive?

What ever you feel, just notice it without judgment


Then let’s do a last round:


TH: I am ready to release this frustration

IE: It is not serving me and it is keeping me stuck

OE: I am ready to feel different soon

UE: And to be open to receiving from unexpected places

UN: It is hard for me to trust that I will get what I want

UL: But I am willing to be open to it now

CB: I am beginning to allow myself to shift

UA: In a positive way that truly works for me

TH: And even though it is true that I often didn’t get what I wanted, I am open to a shift that truly works for me.


Relax and breathe.

Just sit with the feelings that are coming up.

It may well be that you discover new feelings now.

Maybe sadness, grief, helplessness is coming up.

We will do more tapping on this next time.



If you feel more resentment, just repeat this script, maybe modify it according to your needs. Please let me know how you are feeling. I am looking forward to hearing from you!







  1. Rajkaur on October 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Thank you for the eft scripts. As I tapped along, so much yawning. Very grateful to have visited your blog.

  2. Elliot on December 11, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Hi Ingrid
    My daughter talks about your website and techniques so I thought I would check out what she is so excited about. She is finding your techniques help her deal with issues of low self esteem. Thanks for your info.

    • Ingrid Dinter on December 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm

      Hi Elliot, thank you for taking the time to leave a message! I am grateful that your daughter is so excited about EFT. Yes, helping people becoming successful in their own right, personally and professionally is truly a passion of mine. Please let me know how else I can help and support her and you.
      All the best


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