It Happened, And I Am Sorry…. EFT For Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT

Giving the unspeakable grief that we are now experiencing, not just in Newtown, but all over the world, I am receiving lots of requests how we can best help with EFT.

The Ortner family, founder of “The Tapping Solution” have created a page where you can receive Tapping Solution DVDs for 50% off, and all the proceeds without any deductions for shipping and fees will go to helping set up an EFT station in Newtown.

Ortners are from this town, so helping out truly hits home for them.

Here is the link:

I live in Newtown, CT… (some thoughts and how you can help)

I have been working extensively with trauma victims, war victims, combat survivors and others.

In my experience, it is so important to be extremely acknowledging, gentle and subtle when beginning to tap.

When I hear the stories that people share with me, I don’t jump right into action and into EFT.

That would seem inappropriate, and it is hard to create rapport with victims of unspeakable trauma when they feel tat we just want to do “our thing” with them.

It takes courage to hold space for someone in grief.

When people talk to me, I learned to say: 

“I am sorry.”

“I am so sorry that happened.”

“You are right.”

“This is not fair, there is nothing good about it.”

“This should have never happened and I am so sorry.”

“I will never be able to understand what you are really going through right now. But I am so sorry that this happened.”

Just holding space is so important. Not saying “I’m sorry that happened to you.”, But “I’m sorry it happened.”

Do you feel the difference there?


Giving people space to breathe and feel safe that we get them, we understand, we relate, even though we are clear that we will never be able to really understand what a person is going through.

They don’t need to hear our stories and why we relate. If you feel that some of your own memories are being triggered, please tap on it and release the triggers. Now it is about the other person, not about us.

So just holding space, without trying to “fix” somebody is invaluable and important.

Acknowledgement comes before healing.

And transformation can only come, when the healing is done.

Much Love




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