Do Veterans only suffer from PTSD symptoms?

If we truly want to help veterans heal, we have to find a way to take the charge out of the memories, not just tranquilize the stress symptoms. Skillful and insightful EFT coaching can often do this in a respectful, gentle and effective way.

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Testimonial from a Veteran of the war in Bosnia on EFT for self help

I was a driver on convoys in Croatia and Bosnia in early 90’s before the Dayton Agreement. It took 6 years for the PTSD, Combat Stress etc… to go full throttle on my brain, body and soul, the latter being the worst in my opinion. More than fifteen years has past and I am still fucked up, but not nearly as bad. I decided to tap on a panic attack that I had in the middle of the night. After five minutes, I felt no pain, not in my body not in my soul.

I actually fell asleep. I can only say that I tapped my way out of it. Next day, I woke up and had a great day. I am going to continue to tap and free myself from the ghosts that haunt all of us.

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"Operation Emotional Freedom" documentary now released!

EFT is a powerful tool to release war trauma. In March 2008, five EFT practitioners were invited by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, to work with eleven Veterans and family members. The work was documented in filas a documentary, as well as a researh study, which was published in “Traumatology” in January of this year.

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EFT4Vets will be presented at the ACEP Conference in San Diego

In San Diego, I will not only speak about how to use EFT Tapping effectively, which was demonstrated so well in the research that we have and the filming of the documentary in San Francisco.

But I will also put great emphasize on teaching some principals of the military mindset, military values, limitations and open doors.

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Update from “Robert”

Robert and I did another EFT session on numerous of the issues he has been through as a Vietnam combat medic and paramedic. I just received this email from him: “I’m singing the praises of you and EFT everywhere I go… Amazing. I’m down to 1 and a half vicodine a day; when I met…

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I wish that I could find a place…

Vietnam Veterans poem: I wish that I could find a place…where I could heal and regain faith in myself, and again feel the joy and happiness that I so long ago lost – displaced by despair and hopelessness.where I am accepted without judgment, and where I am loved for who I am.A place where forgiveness reigns…where the future will become clearer and brighter…and filled with hope.

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Creating rapport with Veterans and their families

For most Veterans, working with a non-military coach, even talking with a non-veteran is very difficult. In my experience, most Veterans only trust veterans, and only share what they have been through, with a hand selected number of people.

In my experience, it helps when a practitioner starts the conversation with the question: “What do you need to know about me?”

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Veterans deserving support and healing

Many Veterans believe that they were “one of  the lucky ones”, and that help and support should only go to those who have “really suffered”. But the exposure to war changes everybody, and accepting help and support in coping with this is neccessary and important.

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