Cleansing Clutter and Discovering Gold

This is a bit vulnerable to talk about, but the lessons learned are so powerful that I want to share it with you.
Let me take a step back:
As you may know, few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a Rife Machine, a healing device consisting of generators and a laptop, that would take up some space in my office. I was excited to start using it, but didn’t really know where to put it.

I looked around: I am fortunate enough to have two offices in my house: the small office for regular office work, and a studio where I see my clients.
How is it even possible that I don’t have the space to set this up?

The somewhat embarrassing answer was…
that over the many years that I have had my healing and coaching business, paper and clutter had taken over my office.
One day I will muster up the courage to show you pictures, but I literally had small mountains of paper and stuff of all sorts stacked on shelves, across organizing systems, in bins, folders and stacking devices.

And yes, when I ran out of space, I turned into one of those people who actually moved their piles onto the floor.
Since I have two professional rooms in my home, and the studio is always organized and ready for clients, it was easy to temporarily escape the mess.
But my new Rife Machine couldn’t be in the same studio as my clients. It needed to be set up in the office, and I had a week to get ready, before my machine arrived.

Have you ever looked at piles of paper and got so discouraged that you just left the room and closed the door?
Isn’t it overwhelming to look at all that information and make decision after decision what to do with it, what to keep, what to toss and how to create systems that will work? Especially when you know that you can do better than this, but it will take time.

I have actually always liked organizing things.
There is a peace and serenity that comes from beautiful surroundings that support us in our lives. I love smart systems that assist me and my work, but I had completely lost sight of this skill, when urgent matters took over time and focus.

The piles made me feed uncomfortable.
They drained my energy. I couldn’t stand being in the orange office anymore.
I couldn’t even imagine working there and creating something of significance. On top of this, My office is in the middle of our home, so my family has to pass through it in order to get to the other side of the house.
Not a good feeling to know that they had to tolerate my inability to be organized.

So I decided to make clearing the office a priority for one week. I emptied out the trash can and put a huge laundry basket on the floor where all the paper clutter went that I didn’t need. I oiled the shredder for the invoices and business materials that can’t just be recycled.
Item by item, page by page, I picked through the piles and decided what to keep and what to toss.
And I discovered something special:

A wonderful sense of freedom!
This feeling of being free first appeared when I tossed something that I thought was dear to me because I had owned it for so long. But I realized that I really didn’t want or need it. On top of this, it wasn’t in good shape anymore, and couldn’t even be repaired. I just thought that I had to keep it because I had memories and history with it.
Bam! In the trash can it went. I knew that I could always pull it back out, but I wanted to try what it feels like to toss it.

That sense of freedom set in like a wonderful wave of comfort and space. Never again would I have to think about fixing it. Never again would I have to move it into another pile where it also didn’t fit. Never again would I have to keep this broken thing around, while I cherished the good memories even more. You guessed it: It stayed in the trash.

A wonderful sense of clarity and time
As the laundry basket filled up, the shelf emptied, and more and more open spaces appeared. Every time a shelf got cleared and organized, I felt like a stone was lifted. I couldn’t stop starting at it and enjoying that there was no call to action, no guilt feeling, no overwhelm coming from this shelf anymore. I could just breathe and focus on other things now. Yay!

I also found GOLD
As I worked my way through the many binders and handouts from lots and lots of conferences, masterminds and coaching programs that I have attended over the years, I found some of the most incredible material, valuable trainings  and incredible personal notes. I have literally invested close to $100.000,- over the years into my training and support, and revisiting all that I know, the wonderful guide books, binders full of notes and strategies that had always served me well, was wonderful. So much of this material had gotten out of sight, and it felt great to reorganize it now, so that I could have easy access again.
I had done a pretty good job at the time to keep systems, but as soon as the training was over, much of what I had accumulated ended up on the shelf.
Have you ever done this? Instead of continuously accessing your notes, you just file them away?
That was over now. I am so very grateful to all my mentors and trainers for the incredible wisdom that they have shared. This material is GOLD! And it can now be used in so many great ways again!

But the biggest surprise was still to come: Self Respect and Gratitude!
I found binders full of my old programs, handouts, contracts, workbooks and power point slides. I have been doing EFT for over 15 years, and in addition to teaching certification workshops, I also taught many specialty programs, business coaching programs, mindset programs, programs to support veterans, and much more.
I don’t want to sound as if I was full of myself here, but the reality is that, as I rediscovered all this material, I remembered how much time had gone into creating these, how much I had to do and learn to be able to create and conduct them, and the wonderful stories of my clients and students who participated and shared with me this journey.
At first, I wanted to put them into the laundry basket to the other paper.
But then I realized that this wouldn’t have served me.
Do you remember how I felt overwhelmed and ashamed that I had so much paper clutter in my office?
When I looked through my own training binders, this all changed. I remembered the passion and love that had gone into this work, and the excitement when students progressed. I found the self respect I had lost and the gratitude for being allowed to do this work.
I am very, very fortunate to share my passion with so many wonderful people. And I am very grateful that you are one of them!

All of a sudden I couldn’t wait to keep clearing out!
It became a fun activity to shred piles of old invoices or outdated notes, while creating appropriate spaces for the things I love and cherish.
I had always kept CDs and music in my office, but once I invested into a very simple and inexpensive CD box, that matches the theme that I like, I realized the quality of the music and recordings that I actually have. I sorted it into categories, and once the cabinet was cleared, even found space to permanently put a CD player. There is something wonderful about real books, real CDs or DVDs, and different means to enjoy it. I don’t like to have all my information in digital form.
You might prefer this and end up scanning a lot of things. But for me, the boxes that I can sort through make sense.

A blessing for our home
All of a sudden, I also began to clear out kitchen cabinets, reorganize the freezer and the drawers with silverware. I started clearing and releasing, and our family felt the shift.
It is so nice to have a home that comforts us, that is simple and loving, with beautiful items that aren’t broken, that match well and function perfectly.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I know how difficult it can be to get a good start. The feelings, memories and the sheer amount of stuff we accumulate are just too much to take sometimes.
I want you to feel good about yourself and want to make sure that you also enjoy your space and your home. I know the difference that this makes.

And I am wondering if you might be interested in joining me for a webinar on this topic? I would be happy to guide you through some of this process and help you with some EFT tapping through the emotional overwhelm.

But before I offer this, I’d like to know if this might interest you.
Please simply reply with a “Yes” or “No” to this email.
If you’d like to share more information, I’d like to learn from you which areas in your home you would like to address.
Different rooms have different energies, functions and memories. What would be the most helpful for you?

Please do leave a comment, so that I can decide if this class might be a good fit for you.
Thank you for taking the time to do this! You are so appreciated!

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