Free EFT Training – Introduction to EFT

Hello everyone,

what I love about these free Tele classes is that they are impossible to prepare for, and the material that I can teach you is as diverse as the people on the call.

We had a huge number of signups and a surprisingly large number of people actually joining us live at 2:00pm today.

Not everybody wanted to speak up, as they are aware that the call was being recorded and made public.

After giving a brief introduction, as most participants were already familiar with EFT, we jumped in with both feet.

We did advanced EFT, which demonstrated clearly the art of delivery, acknowledgment tapping, and how to use and not use intuition.

There were many many teaching points that came up during and after the sessions that we did, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of the participants.


What I didn’t want to demonstrate, because the format of the call wasn’t designed this way, was working on specific events, one or the core principals of EFT. we did work on very specific issues though, and the participants experienced what it is like to look behind the curtain of an issue and work with deep acknowledgement before starting the healing and transformation.

We did an almost 2 hour call, which was unfortunately interrupted 3 times by some technical issues that were beyond my control. So as you listen to the recording, please have this in mind, and just wait for a minute as the line goes quiet, until the presenter rejoined the call.

Mercury retrograde is already doing it’s work. 🙂

Please leave your comments and questions below, and also let me know what you would like to learn next!





  1. Ev on September 18, 2015 at 12:21 am

    Thank you so much Ingrid. This was a very helpful session and it’s obvious that you sincerely want to help people with their issues. I really love the way you show respect to the person you’re tapping with, making sure what they’re saying feels true to them. Thank you also for sharing some of your story, and hope you continue to be in good health for a long, long time.

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