Free EFT Tapping Script: How to Release Resistance and Overwhelm

This morning I woke up, feeling resistance towards something that I knew had to be done today.

I just didn’t like it. I didn’t want to do it.

I realized that my thoughts were starting to go around and round in circles, and that the thing I had to do became a moving target instead of a goal.

When I am in this mode, it is almost impossible for me to concentrate and get things done.

Just “trying to focus” usually creates even more resistance, and I might find myself getting sidetracked or even spending my time doing things that I really shouldn’t be doing right now.


Such as writing blogposts, when I should be focusing on getting things done… 😉

But since I am at it anyways, I might as well share with you what I was tapping on.

And then I’ll get off the internet. I have things to do 🙂

So here is what I have been tapping on:

Please say these tapping statements out loud. Don’t just read them or tap without saying the words.

Really take the time to sit down and tap each word while focusing on what seems to be in the way.

Hold the idea of what you are resistant to in your mind, with honesty and a willingness to do whatever this situation requires.

You are powerful and unique, and you are prepared to take this on victoriously, no matter how much resistance you are feeling right now.

You can do this!

Now let’s go ahead and tap together!


KP: Even though I feel so much resistance to getting this done, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel this resistance, this fear in my body, I love and accept myself and release any judgment

KP: Even though I feel so crappy and blocked right now, I completely love and accept myself without judgment or doubt


TH: I feel this resistance

IE: I feel it in my heart

OE: I feel it in my stomach

UE: I feel it in my head and throat

UN: This resistance is everywhere

UL: This fear is all over me!

CB: I have all this resistance right now

UA: I really do and I am observing this in awe

TH: So much resistance, resistance all over me!

Take a breath and just acknowledge that this resistance feels physical and emotional


TH: I wonder what I am so afraid of

IE: I wonder how this resistance is serving me right now

OE: I wonder how this is keeping me safe and protected

UE: I wonder how I know that this is right for me right now

UN: I might feel threatened and the need to protect me

UL: But I might not know if this threat is real

CB: I am willing to consider that I am just etting triggered

UA: I am willing to consider that there is a better way for me right now

TH: I am willing to step back and relax for a moment, knowing that everything is exactly how it needs to be right now.

Take a breath.

How do you feel?

What comes up for you?

Do you need to tap another round on this?

When you feel ready, lets tap again:


TH: I am beginning to feel the relaxation in my body

IE: I am beginning to experience what safety can feel like

OE: I am relaxing my shoulders, my stomach and my throat now

UE: I am taking a breath and just let things be

UN: I am grateful that I am seeing what’s before me now

UL: In a new and different light, separate from my fear

CB: I am starting to see that I have what it takes now

UA: That I can do this, no matter how I feel

TH: And even though I felt so overwhelmed by all this resistance, I feel safe and relaxed, letting that tightness and wall go right now.

Take another breath.

What do you feel now?

What do you experience?

Maybe you’d like to do another round?

Here we go!

TH: I am grateful that this resistance is loosening up now

IE: I am grateful that I am beginning to feel more powerful and strong

OE: I am grateful that I can see why I was so resistant before

UE: I am grateful that I can embrace what I need to do next

UN: It really isn’t that scary all together

UL: It really isn’t that uncomfortable to face what I resisted before

CB: I am seeing how I am prepared to do what I should be doing now

UA: And how I can find my own way to do it, a way that feels really good and powerful to me

TH: And even though I was so resistant to doing this before, I am grateful for how powerful and in control I now feel.


You are well prepared to take on what you resist to. You have what it takes. You are amazing and unique, and well prepared to take the next baby step towards your goal.

Go for it!

All right, it is really time for me to get started and do what I signed up to do today.

I am ready and prepared now, and I know that it will realistically only take a few minutes, maybe an hour to get it done.

Everything else was just fear and feeling overwhelmed and side tracked.

Gotta go!

Sending much love




  1. Gail Merrill on April 6, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    This is the very thing I’ve been struggling with this week! We are all connected, and it still blows my mind when it happens. Each day it pops up, resistance to do what I need to do. It is so good to see it for just what it is, and have a different perspective on it. Thank you so much–feeling so different about this!

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