EFT For Veterans Finding Peace – Bob Culver Interview

You may or may not know that EFT has helped many Veterans heal from the trauma of war. On my blog www.EFT4Vets.com I share quite a bit about this work.

In 2008, I was invited to join Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and a selected group of EFT practitioners such as Carol Look, Lindsay Kenny, Lori Lorenz, Sophia Cayer and Miguel Vazquez in San Francisco, to film the documentary “Operation:Emotional Freedom”

One of the Veterans who was instrumental for the film with both, his dedication to EFT and his willingness to share some of the trauma that he had endured, was Bob Culver.

Bob and I stayed in contact since, and in 2010, we taped a short audio interview about his time during and after the filming.

Here is the interview, a wonderful testimonial to the power of EFT for war trauma:



Bob was just diagnosed with lung cancer and we are asking for prayers and support on his Facebook page .


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