Free EFT Tapping Script: Lack of Focus

When you feel like you can’t get anything done, and the daily tasks and responsibilities are bouncing around in your head, it can be helpful to pause for a moment to sit back and just take a deep, conscious breath.

Then use this Tapping Script to gain focus and prioritize what you want to do:

Remember to first tune into your body and discover where that feeling of unrest and loss of focus resides.

Is it in your chest?

Maybe your forehead?

Maybe in your belly?

Just take notice of how intense it feels, on a scale of 0-10, and if there are any beliefs or specific emotions connected with this feeling.

Then start tapping:

KP: Even though I can’t focus right now, that’s OK, I can love and accept myself anyways

KP: Even though I have so many thought bouncing around, I love and accept myself and my creativity

KP: Even though it is frustrating that I can’t get anything done right now, I respect  self for trying and for doing the best that I can


TH: It is so frustrating!

IE: It really is!

OE: I feel so bad sometimes

UE: I feel like an idiot that I can’t focus

UN: I really should be able to do better

UL: It is frustrating and overwhelming to not get anything done

CB: I really don’t like this feeling

UA: I am embarrassed that I have to deal with this

TH: It’s frustrating and overwhelming, and I don’t know what to do.


Take a breath. Did this sound true to you?

What else is coming up? Just acknowledge it. It’s OK.

We all feel this way sometimes. Let’s just keep tapping!

TH: I wonder why I have so many great ideas

IE: I wonder if I have to feel so overwhelmed

OE: I really do wonder

UE: And there should be a better solution for me

UN: If only I could harvest these thoughts and ideas

UL: If only I could execute them the way that I’d like

CB: That would be so much fun, to have that kind of results

UA: I’d really love that, and I might get ready to become strategic now

TH: I have tons of great ideas, and I am getting ready to focus them on what I really want


Take a breath. How are you feeling?

Do you notice a shift?

Good! Let’s continue!


TH: I am ready to see the bigger picture of my try goal

IE: I am ready to see how all my ideas fit nicely together

OE: I am ready to discover how they can be done one at a time

UE: In a creative, fun and logical way that truly makes sense to me

UN: It is so great to see the bigger picture

UL: It is so great to see my big dreams and goals

CB: I am ready to begin to see the big strategy

UA: That will allow me to love what I do, one step at a time

TH: And even though I was overwhelmed by all the things that were bouncing through my head, I love how I feel now, centered and ready to create what I want.


Take a breath…

You did well!
How are you feeling?

What thoughts came up for you?

Did you have memories popping up in your mind?

Did you notice resistance that you were not prepared for?


Let’s do another round, and let it go!

TH: I notice the resistance without any judgment

IE: I acknowledge that it’s there because I needed it at a time

OE: I see how important it was to be always protected

UE: and to be a moving target, no matter what I did

UN: I am glad that these times are over now

UL: I am glad that I can do whatever I want

CB: It is so freeing to acknowledge what was and let it go in an instant

UA: And to celebrate my creativity, one step at a time

TH: And even though I struggled so much with focus, and my thoughts were bouncing around all the time

I am grateful and relieved to feel how powerful I am right now.


Great job!

Just keep tapping, if something comes up for you. You can do it and it’s valuable what you do.

Remember that all these thoughts and ideas fit together somehow.

And once you see the bigger picture, you will easily see what the next baby step must be.


Sending much love



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