The End Of The Ostrich

  It is a funny feeling when people stop you in an elevator just to tell you that they have watched your videos.

This happened to me, once again, last weekend when I went to “Ignite Your Power” with my mentor Margaret Lynch.


It is so easy to believe that nobody sees our stuff, reads our posts or is interested in what we have to say.

But the reality is that others notice us a lot more than we ever thought possible.

I said it before:

When we believe that we are hiding, others just see that we are hiding.

We don’t disappear, others just notice that we are not showing up completely and with confidence.


It takes a bit of courage to stop pretending that, just putting our head in the sand makes us invisible.

Instead, why not saying something relevant and truthful?

Why not digging a bit deeper to the core of who we are and what’s important to us?

I realized so many times that, what I thought were imperfections are anything but imperfections to others.

Instead, they create a wonderful energy of allowing each other to just show up and be relevant with who we are right now.


So the question is: If people see us anyways, what would we like for them to remember?

Why would we like to be relevant for them?

Why would we like to be seen and heard?


There is a uniqueness in our story that can help others identify their own story and it’s power.

The more we loose our fear of it, the more we allow others to not be afraid as well.


There is incredible value in just holding space and kindness.

Much more value than there is in hiding.


Until next time.



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