Please stop trying to get unstuck!

I have to admit, I got a little frustrated recently 🙂

I have been talking with lots and lots of people who truly wanted to make a shift in their lives.

I have been listening to their dreams, their hopes and their struggles.

“I feel undeserving to receive money!” I heard.

“I don’t think I am good enough.”

“I feel blocked.”

“It is not a good time for me right now.”

“I don’t have the money to pay for what I need.”


When did “feeling undeserving and blocked” become a fashion statement?

The more I heard these stereotype answers, the more I had to take a deep breath…

Can’t we do better than repeating what everybody else is saying?

Can’t we be more specific than repeating that same old “I don’t think I am good enough or deserve this…”?

What is happening in our field, the field of coaches and healing professionals who want to make a difference in the world that we are selling out like this?

I feel that way too often, it is way too easy to just repeat “mainstream blockages” that thousands of others have stated before us.

How frustrating!


If it was necessary to save your child’s life – would you do it?

The easiest way to get through this stuckness, I found, is to imagine that everything we do we do for our kids.

Imagine you have a daughter who truly needs you to step up and safe her life.

Her life depends on you doing your work reliably, getting paid what your work is worth and growing your business.

Would you find the money you need to get started?

Would you find the time?

Would you stop worrying if you are “deserving to receive?”

Would you start focussing on what is so dearly important to you and your kid?

Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to save her life?


Or would you not…

Or would you say:” Honey, I am really sorry that you are sick and need money, but I just don’t feel deserving to charge for my services.”

or “Sweetheart, I know that you need the medication, but there is something that happened to me when I was four, and unless I get to the bottom of this and really understand what is blocking me, I won’t charge for my work. I am sorry to let you down, but this is more important.”

Of course not! – one would think…

But the truth is, that lots of gifted healers and coaches are doing this every day!

I am talking with some of the most amazing people who have everything it takes to make it in their business. But instead of deciding and getting going:

  • They hope that “with time” things will change.
  • They hope that “when they have the money to invest” they will be able to take the class that can turn their life around.
  • They hope that “they just have to find out what is blocking them from being successful”, and maybe
  • They hope that all their business tasks will somehow magically get done, if only they get unblocked.

I am sorry – I know I am ranting….

Yes, I know I sound a bit harsh here, and what I am saying is NOT true for everybody – thank goodness!

It may not be true for you at all.

But I am sure you know more than one person who has this mindset.

And you have felt that frustration as well.


So let me repeat a shift in thought that can make it all worthwhile:

Just imagine for a moment that the decision to feel undeserving is costing your DAUGHTER, not you but your CHILD her future.

When you become aware of this, wouldn’t you find a way to dig deeper, and just do what you need to do?

Of course you would.

You would never let your kids down.

You would never let down those that you love.


So what are you waiting for? Why not doing it for yourself?

When we get to this point in our conversation, I hear another frustrating response, almost every time…

“Yes, you’re right. I don’t know why…” And then the person sighs. And then there is silence…

And their mind is repeating all the arguments for why being where she is at is right.

Instead of all the arguments why staying in this place of stuckness is wrong, and one needs to do whatever it takes to get out of this situation.

The inner advisor gives the wrong information, and the person buys right back into it.

Aaarrrgghh 😉 ( You do know that I love you and I am saying this because I care, right?)


What if…

What if we did know why, and it still wouldn’t make a difference?

Why do we believe we have to know why we are stuck before we decide to make a change?

The truth is that we can just make a decision to do something new and different today and from now on.

We can decide at EVERY MOMENT of our lives, not just “when the time is right” to live differently.

We can decide to do something we are not great at yet (who has ever made people believe that perfection comes before trying and practicing???”, simply to the best of our ability, and reevaluate and upgrade our success later.


Remember: It’s not just for you…

If it was for your child, that’s exactly what you would do, right:

Find a way to make it happen.

So just take a breath for a moment and dig a little deeper into that feeling of doing something because it is the only right thing to do to get what you want.

Let it inspire you:

Yes, you have what it takes to create income in your business.

Yes, you have what it takes to make a difference for someone and get paid for it.

Yes, you were born with the ability to take care of yourself and those you are close to and responsible for.

Yes…the truth might just be that you haven’t made this a priority until now.


Everything in your life represents your priorities.

If it is more important for you to feel undeserving than to make money, that’s how you will live.

If you see value in not feeling good enough, that’s what you will radiate and share.

If you prioritize getting the support you need and collaborate with people who can help you, that’s what your life will represent.

So dream, decide, choose and prioritize as if your child’s life depends on it!

What is the one thing you would do if it WAS the right time, if you HAD the money,

if you WERE well trained and prepared and if you HAD the support you needed?

What would you do?

And what can you do today that gets you started on this goal?


Get ready! Your life is waiting!

And, yes, this will save your children’s life as well.

Every decision you make rubs off on your kids and family.

You HAVE a bigger picture.

Are you going to make it a priority?

Thanks for letting me ranting and staying to the end.

I care too much about you to let you get away with playing small. You are needed, and you have everything it takes to fulfill your mission in this life, for yourself, your family and the bigger picture of who you are wishing to be.



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