Do You Want Money Or Do You Want A House?

“I want to make $100.000 by June 15th.”

“I want to have enough to pay my bills and travel.”

“I want to own my own home.”

“I want to have enough money to send my kids to college.”

What is your goal for your life and business?

And what exactly does this goal mean to you, right now and in the future?

Getting clear on what exactly you want your income to do for you is possibly the most important first step when creating a plan for your business.

When you say “I want to make $100.000,- by June 15th” – why this date?

What is happening on June 15th that you feel you need 1120K for?

And why this specific amount?

Why not $98.657.- or $134,916.-?


How about that house:

Where exactly do you want to live?

When do you want to close and move in?

What style, what quire footage, bedrooms,… do you really want?

Be realistic about how much this house will cost you.

Then work towards it, starting right now.


And how about sending your kids to college?

How much exactly will this cost you?

Which college?

What else will happen during that time that you need to prepare for?


When you want to pay your bills and travel:

How high are your bills exactly?

And where exactly do you want to go?

When do you want to leave?

For how long?

Which style of traveling do you prefer: Backpack or 5 star hotel, adventure or relaxation?

Do you want to pay for people to join you? How many? Who?


Dreams into Goals

Do you see how answering these questions forces you to make decisions instead of vague dreams?

Do you feel the level of accountability when you add up your income and how much you will need?

Are you getting scared yet??? 🙂


Don’t be!

The purpose of having your business is to create income for the needs you actually have.

Money buys you things.

If you don’t do anything with the money you make, you will just see a number on your ATM screen, indicating that you could do things if you wanted to.


So really think about what you want to buy with the money you’d like to create, and very quickly you will see how your life takes a different turn.

You will find out what your priorities are.

You will find out what your values are.

You will find out what is worth working for, and what isn’t, what you can only do with, and what you can easily do without.

You will learn a ton about yourself when you decide what you will buy with the money you make.


In your mind, it will leave the ATM and be put to good work.

If you want to leave inheritance for your kids after you are gone: How much would you like to leave for them?

And do they really need this as much as they need your time with them right now?


Goals into Plans

Make a plan, and decide what you really want.

Money is just how you can get it.

But if you don’t know what you want, own it, feel it, radiate it with every part of your being, you will most likely not be able to stick it through the hard times when working on your business seems tedious and disheartening.

$100,000.- can be a number on your ATM screen, or the enabler of your dreams and a future that is waiting for you.

Money does not make your plans, it enables them.

So the more you know what exactly you want to buy with your money, what exactly you want to use it for and why, the easier it will be for you to get into a real, sincere and deeply felt alignment with what you will want to do to create it.

taking action becomes a no-brainer on your journey towards your goal.

And when you get there, in time and on budget, you can celebrate with everyone you love, everyone you want to be there.

After all: You have planned for this, worked for this, and now it is time for the party!

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