Free EFT Tapping Script: How To Decide What You Want

Hi There,

We talked yesterday about what success really is:

Being able to live a life you’re proud of.

But I heard so many of you cringing when it came to deciding what kind of lifestyle would make you proud.

Of course, there are lots of thoughts, beliefs, memories, trauma that may be holding you back.

EFT is a powerful tool for releasing the memories that are not serving you in creating your goals.


I’d like to offer you a free tapping script to help you get into alignment with creating a vision for success.

Please refer to the free tapping chart to see where those tapping points are, and get started:

Ready? Great!


KP: Even though I have this sinking feeling when I think about what I really want, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel blurry and unsure when it comes to living a life I’m proud of – what if I can’t have or keep what I want for long?- I just relax about this now and take it one step at a time.

KP: Even though I struggle with creating a real and solid vision for my future, I just can’t see it yet, I love and accept myself anyways.

KP: So here I am

IE: I am really struggling

OE: I really am

UE: I want to have a vision

UN: I want to know what I want

UL: But I am scared to come up with a vision

CB: I want to know what I want

UA: But I have this fear creeping up

TH: It is scary to think about what I want – what if I can’t have it.

Take a breath…


TH: I really don’t have a clear vision of my future

IE: I have thoughts and ideas, but noting seems clear

OE: I don’t even know who I want to work with

UE: I want to work with “Everybody”, helping “anyone” in my business and my life

UN: What if I make a mistake?

UL: What if I make a huge mistake?

CB: I am so scared to make a huge mistake when I try to make a decision

UA: I am afraid to take that step – what if I get it wrong

TH: I have this sinking feeling when I try to make a decision – what if I get it wrong?


Take a breath.

Did this hit a nerve?

Good! Then let’s tap again.


TH: Well, what IF I get it wrong?

IE: I can always adjust what doesn’t work

OE: what IF I get it wrong?

UE: Who will judge me, who will abandon me?

UN: What IF I get it wrong?

UL: What’s the worst thing that can happen?

CB: I am creating a vision

UA: I am creating a livable dream

TH: Even IF I get it wrong, I can start today to create my new vision.




TH: I am beginning to see that I can think and dream anything I want

IE: I can think of my life in any shade, any color

OE: I can create a vision that works for me

UE: I can create a goal that feels amazing and real

UN: I can do whatever I want with my life

UL: I can make it work for me and everybody I love

CB: I can allow myself to be successful today

UA: And move towards my dream in a powerful way that I love

TH: And even if I make a mistake along the way, I allow myself to adjust what didn’t work, and move forward anyways.

Take another breath.

Does this make sense to you?

How do you feel?

Tap on any memory, any belief that is coming up for you now.


Last round:

TH: I love to see how I am getting the courage

IE: To allow a vision for my life to bubble up

OE: I love to see how I am gaining the confidence

UE: To dream bigger and bolder than I ever have before

UN: I love to see how easy it is getting

UL: To follow the dreams I have always had

CB: I am grateful to see how real it becomes

UA: TO walk towards my goal in baby steps now.

TH: And even though I was so scared to create my own vision for my life, I allow myself to let that vision and dream bubble up now. Here it is. I can see it. I can have it. I am ready now.


take a breath.

Sit with this for a moment.

Do you realize how something is shifting?

Chances are, that you have always known your dream.

Chances are that you have always known who you are, or who you could be, if people or circumstances weren’t holding you back.

Rekindle this dream, and make a decision to do what you need to do to pursue this dream successfully.


If you need help with this, please sign up today for a free, 20 minute Success Strategy session.

It is my gift to you, to help you sort out who you want to be and where you need to go.




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