Free EFT Tapping script: EFT for Cravings – When the shame about your weight holds you back from your success

As a success coach, I help many people understand what success can mean for them and which steps they can take to get what they want.

However, one of the most common reasons why people don’t see that they can be successful in their lives is, that they have a huge wall of shame around their physical appearance.

There is so much blame and avoidance around weight, that they just can’t seem to be able to let it go.

I love to help them with this, and I am delighted to offer you a free EFT tapping script that will help you see the connection between weight and success in a different light.

If unsure where the tapping points are, please refer to the free chart under “free stuff”, or the videos on this site.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame about how I look, I choose to love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I am so ashamed that I have let myself go like this, and my stuff is so visible to others now, I am open to forgiving myself – I know that it’s been much harder than I am willing to admit.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame around my food cravings and what the overeating has done to my body, I love and accept myself without any judgment. I know that, even though I don’t like what happened to me and my body, I did the best that I could.

TH: I am so embarrassed

IE: I feel so ashamed!

OE: What was I thinking?

UE: I can’t stand the way that I look

UN: It is so embarrassing to be overweight and out of control

UL: It is so embarrassing and I feel so ashamed

CB: I feel so ashamed and self conscious about my weight and the way I look

UA: SOmetimes I just want to hide, and never show up again

TH: I feel so hopeless around this issue, and I just can’t seem to shake it

Take a breath. How do you feel?

Notice any shifts. It is possible that many different emotions are now coming up for you.

See where they show up in your body and tap on them with EFT, until you feel more relaxed.


Next round:

TH: I wonder why I feel that I have to be ashamed about how I look

IE: I wonder why I can’t just acknowledge that food is helping me cope when things are hard

OE: I wonder why it is so hard for me to admit, that sometimes food is the only “friend” I have, and I would miss it dearly if it wasn’t readily there

UE: I wonder if it is right to feel all that I feel

UN: Maybe it is OK to acknowledge that I am doing the best that I can

UL: And I refuse to give up on my goals, but I need comfort along the way

CB: I am just going to consider to be kind with myself

UA: And to allow myself to see the bigger picture of what I do

UL: Maybe it is fine to see that food is helping me some times

CB: And that I don’t need to blame myself for knowing that I need help

UA: I know that I need help and comfort to succeed

TH: So I am ready to ask for what I need and prepare myself for a surprising shift.


Take another breath…

How does it feel to admit that getting help would be great?

You deserve to be supported. Nobody can be successful without support.

Yes, food doesn’t really solve problems, but it does bring comfort, and sometimes that I so important that we are willing to give in and binge.

So let’s do one more round:

TH: I am releasing my self judgment – I know I am doing the best I can

IE: It is hard sometimes, and food has been my friend

OE: It’s been a good friend for as long as I needed it

UE: But now I am ready, and I can’t wait for the shift!

UN: It will be fun to replace food with a great, exciting goal!

UL: It will be fun to fall in love again with who I truly am

CB: I can’t wait to get started and do what I love

UA: And to ask for the help I need, not just food to stuff down.

TH: And even though I have blames myself for the way I handled my cravings, I am so grateful to shift and see who  truly am.

take a breath, and get ready for a surprise.

Feel the shift. It may be gentle or powerful.

Trust that you get exactly what you need today.

Get ready to fall in love with who you are and what you are made of.

You have what it takes to be successful , whatever that might mean for you!

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Much Love




  1. Teresa on June 24, 2013 at 9:05 am

    Thank you so much, Ingrid! This tapping script is a wonderful way to show love to myself and to open myself to a shift. I will be using it often!

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