Learn How To Think Outside Of The Box In Five Seconds Or Less

The other day, I gave a talk for a very powerful group of healers and coaches. 

I felt so fortunate to have been invited, and I wanted to make sure that I truly understand what their needs are and customize my presentation accordingly.

As always, I had prepared my Powerpoint Presentation, and was looking forward to speaking about success models and motivation, when I started to realize, that something very profound was happening in this group.

Over the course of the morning, I realized that more and more people were repeating certain mindsets such as “I don’t feel deserving”, or “we just need to think outside of the box.”

Other thoughts were “Making money is – or is not (depending on the person speaking) spiritual”

Others felt that they just want to help, and that is enough to keep them going.

I think we all have heard or thought these thoughts at one point in our lives or another, but hearing them in such unison was a bit astounding to me. Why was everybody feeling and saying the same thing?

And: Were they really?

I took all morning to absorb what was going on around me, and by lunch time, I had made up my mind. 

I was going to scratch my presentation (not to worry, it will be used when the time is right :-)) – and instead, I was going to just talk about what it takes and means to think outside of the box.

To me, thinking outside of the box means seeing the obvious, without any personal coloring or beliefs.

What keeps us stuck is what we hear from others, what we make of it, and the group belief we buy into as a result. When we just look at what is without any of those attachments, we will very quickly see:





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