Find Your Niche or: What Would You Do To Save A Loved Ones Life?

I’d like to share with you what happened on Friday over dinner.

Last weekend, I was in New York to meet with my coach Monica Shah and my amazing Revenue Breakthrough Sisters.

These Masterminds are always intense, high focus, transformational and move all of us forward quickly.

Since we are spending all day working on our business and supporting each other, all that I need at night is a hot shower and a comfortable bed in a clean environment. So I get a private room in someone’s appartment in walking distance from the venue where we meet, and I have all that I need. 

On Friday, I had a late dinner with my hosts, a young couple, who has been working in numerous Restaurants, while half heartedly trying to get a realestate license.

It was clear that selling appartements was not their passion, and they were not hiding it. They had chosen that path, because they didn’t know what else to do and thought they were at lease making a responsible choice. They let their head, not their heart determine their direction and their future.

So I asked them if they were open to answering one question that might bring them clarity. They excitedly agreed.

The question was:

“If you received a phone call that your sister was in danger, and in order to save her life you had to come up with $30,000.- in 10 days – what would you do?”


The first response was giggling and all sorts of silly ideas that wouldn’t really pay off.

Then they really thought about it.

“Hmmm…30,000 in 10 days… – I guess I would sell something”

“What do you have to sell that is worth 30,000?”

“I guess – nothing…”

“OK, think again: What could you do? What do you have to offer that could save your sister’s life?”

“I have many years of experience working all positions in different Restaurants, but I could never make that much money in that short amount of time

OK, What else?”

“I could teach something – maybe?”

“What would you teach?”

“Maybe languages…”

“Do you have access to a school that hires you on the spot and pays you $30,000 in 10 days for teaching?”


“OK, Keep going. What else could you teach?”

“I don’t know! The only other thing I know is that most Restaurants don’t know what they are doing. They loose so much money on their wait stuff and how they organize their business. I could deffinitely help them with that.”

“Tell me more. What do you know?”

“Well, I love Restaurants and have so much experience that I know what works. I can see immediately what could be improved to make it easier.”

Then she really got going:

“I can see where they are loosing money.

I can see when their staff doesn’t know what to do and I could train them. I could create strategies that work and that would help them make much more money.

I could systemize how to interview people, how to train them, how to take orders, the menues. I could help them get the right clientele through the door and teach them what they need to do to get frequent and recurrent clients.

There are so many things that they can improve.

I love that stuff. 

I’d love to help them be successful!”

– Note to reader: Do you feel the passion here? Do you feel the excitement when someone asks you the questions you need to hear to find your own answers?

 “OK,” I said – “then tell me this: Would you feel that you could come up with a program that is worth 3000.-, 6000.- or 10,000.-?”

“Yes, sure, no problem. It would easily be worth that. They would make so much more money as a result.”


I took a deep breath and looked at them: “Then WHY are you not doing it?”

All you need is to create what works

Bring it into a professional format

Make sure that you always over deliver on your offer and give the clients more than what they expect. Then hit the road and talk to Restaurant owners, until you sold your training. 

All you need is 10 clients who purchase your 3000.- training package. 

You have ten days to find them, and you have all day to reach out.

You think you can do that? You think you can create and over deliver on a package that people will be grateful to know about?”

“Yes, of course! I’d love to do that!”

So what are you waiting for?

Why are you waisting your time trying to get into real estate, when you are sitting on a future that would allow you to create this income, based on years of learning and your unique expertise?

I don’t know… how do I go about it?

I showed them a few simple steps they can take to get started.

I shared with them the programs she needs to brainstorm her ideas and put them into a teachable training sequence.

I shared with them the foundation of how to get out there and approach the restaurants.

A few minutes ago, I received a text message from the woman:

“I am organizing my thoughts. I am putting together a manual. Thanks!!!”

I am so proud of them!

In just that one conversation and a quick follow up, they let go of a vision of her future that made them feel tired and uncomfortable.

They focussed on what they love and found a way to establish a unique niche, based on their experience and expertise.


They will get the training they need in the areas that they are lacking it as they grow their business. Sometimes, they will fall down and will have to go back and change things that aren’t working. They know this and are OK with it.

They did such a fantastic job, seeing an opportunity and jumping on it. 

“All she needed to begin her new journey was the question: “If you received a phone call that your sister was in danger, and in order to save her life you had to come up with $30,000.- in 10 days – what would you do?” 

The answers are all within them. 

My question for you is:

If you had to come up with 30,000.- in 10 days to save the life of a loved one – what would YOU do?

If you’d like to get some help sorting out your thoughts around this, please give me a call. I’d be glad to offer you a free, 20 minute strategy session to get more clarity on your business and your next steps.


Much Love



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