Free Tapping Script: EFT for Finding New Clients

Are you afraid that there are no clients out there who can pay you what you are worth?

Many of my business coaching clients, who are mostly solopreneurs in the coaching and healing field feel challenged with this idea.

Especially in the beginning, they find it hard to imagine that, when they narrow their niche, raise their fees and change their offers, they will still do good in the world.

They resist the idea that they can find a niche that is excited and grateful to pay them what they are worth for their services,  and that it is equally important to the universe that they themselves are protected and cared for, as it is that they care for their clients.

All of my coaching clients are so willing to give to others, so ready to share so that others benefit.

But they don’t know how to hold  the same high standards up for themselves, so that they can provide for themselves, their families, their retirement in the way they deserve.

I coach them through this, with a combination of business tools and EFT, and hellp them release their limiting beliefs and get more clients.

The script below is something that I have recently offered to one of my coaching clients.

If you also feel that you need help and encouragement to get through this phase, and the following Tapping Script might be a good start.


Please know that I am currently accepting new clients, so if you are interested in a free, non-binding 20 minute strategy session where we talk about your vision and your business, please contact me asap!




KP: Even though I can’t see my future clients yet, I deeply and completely accept myself


KP: Even though I feel desperate, because all I can see is poor people, I completely accept myself without judgment


KP:  Even though there is something inside of me that doesn’t feel safe to let me see my possibilities, I choose now to be open to be surprised with how much is there waiting for me




TH:  I feel so frustrated right now


IE: I feel desperate, and I hate this feeling


OE: I feel so frustrated and overwhelmed, it’s all too much!

UE: I can’t see how I can move forward, I am tired and overwhelmed


UN: I feel so overwhelmed and sad right now


UL: I can’t see how there would possibly be people out there who want to pay me


CB: I feel so sad and frustrated and I am so alone


UA: The whole world has abandoned me, and I can’t see a way out


TH: I feel so frustrated and hurt that I am in this situation, and I want to move past it!




TH:  What if  I could allow myself to see this differently now?


IE: What if I could allow myself to see my possibilities?


OE: What  if I could allow myself to release this belief that everybody I know is  poor


UE: What if I allowed myself to release the fear that I am not good enough?


UN: I’d love to be free from myself doubts


UL: I’d love to see who is out there waiting for me to help them


CB: I’d love to feel confident and comfortable that I have a great future with what I love and what I’m good at


UA: And I’d love to allow myself to let this be easy now


TH: I am beginning to get ready to release my fears.




TH: I am grateful that I am allowing myself to clear out the doubts


IE: I am grateful that I can now begin to breathe deeply


OE: I am grateful that I can now see how easy it can be


UE: When I allow myself to see the people who want to work with me, I’ll see them everywhere


UN: I have so many gifts to share, and I have them for a reason


UL: And as I release my fear of rejection, so will I begin to see what I am capable off.


CB: I have decided to step into my full power


UA: And to move forward fearlessly, helping many people along the way.


TH: I am grateful for who I am and what I am capable of – And I am ready to reach out and let others know as well.




Take a deep breath.


See how you feel.


Do you notice a shift?


I know how deep this rear runs, but it is just fear, and it is tappable.


Please do your personal peace procedure every day, until these fears are resolved.


You can do it!


I believe in you!





  1. shilpa on July 1, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Very useful script i like and i tried at every morning thank u thank u thank u very much god bless u

    • Ingrid Dinter on July 14, 2014 at 5:33 pm

      Wonderful! You are welcome!

  2. Alexander on January 21, 2014 at 4:53 am

    Thanks, great script! Especially for a deaf duffer like me, eh.

  3. Zannie Rose on February 15, 2012 at 4:49 am

    very soothing tapping script. It was created by someone who understands the challenge to shine and share. thanks

  4. Jondi on December 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Yeah, Ingrid! This is a wonderful step for so many of us out here. Thank you!!!

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