Healing Breast Cancer – Using EFT to Stay Strong During Treatment

Do you have someone in your life that was just diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you wondering how you can help her heal breast cancer while staying strong with EFT?

As a Cancer Survivor, it is very personal and dear to my heart to share this article with you, even though it covers a very different aspect of  goal setting and transition.

I don’t know what it is, but I see that so many women I know or get to know have breast cancer right now, that I want to post something that  I shared with a dear friend last night.

My  friend D. has two kids, one the age of my daughter, and we were all in a playgroup together. The ladies from the group helped me when I was getting my treatments, chemo, radiation and more surgery, and when I found out that D. is now going  through this, I felt grateful that I had some things to share.

Please keep her in your prayers, as well as my friends Maureen, Donna, Donna, Liz and all the other amazing women who are facing quite a healing journey right now.

Cancer and treatment decisions are very different and personal, and what works and feels right for one person might be completely wrong for another. There is no cookie cutter solution here, and it is  so important to honor each survivor’s individual situation and choice.

However, it is also important to recognize which decisions we want to make out of fear and overwhelm, and which decisions are based on knowledge and science.

Your choice of treatment, your medical team and your complementary/alternative health plan might be one of the most important decisions in your life. It’s scary, but unfortunately, some decisions have to be madee.

I can’t even tell you how helpful it was for me to be able  to tap on the fears that wanted to interfere with the decisions that were medically the best.

D. has been through a mess of false alarms last week, and naturally, it took a huge emotional toll on her.

I’d like to share with you a few words – well rather an essay 😉 –  that I wrote for  her.

Treatment sucks, there are no two  ways about it. But it is so important that we have our heart and mind where it needs to be, and not let fears and uncertainty overwhelm us unneccessarily.

If you feel so  inclined, and it means anything to you, please feel free to forward this post to other women who are currently going through this.

Sometimes, it’s good to have a torch bearer, even tough none of us, survivor or not, can know with certainty what the future is going to bring.

So here comes…

Hi Sweetie,

Welcome to Chemo land – gosh, I remember this so well.

It is hell when they find those “areas of concern”, especially when they give you the “I won’t talk to you before the doctor saw this” look.

Does nobody ever coach them to NOT do this? How hard can it be??? Seriously.

Not sure if this calms you , but they found something on my liver, too, back when I had my scans. They stood there in awe, looking at the pictures, especially as I had reported pain on that side that they didn’t take seriously in the beginning. Well,  until they saw this big thing on the scan.

Gotta love my oncologist, he was so very nice and trying to stay calm, but I tell you they gave me all sorts of things to drink.

Hon, they made me sit without blinking my eyes for 30 minutes while radioactive things did made my pictures shine, – and then the results weren’t meaningful enough to them to let me of the hook.

They did MRIs and CT scans and who knows what (I was “in the zone” already and didn’t care – not bad for a healing coach, huh? :-)).

And you know what it finally was??? FATTY TISSUE!!! (I hate to admit ;->…) next to my liver!

They found this out during another surgery – after which you and the playgroup gals were kind enough to bring meals for a while, remember? Now I have a five inch scar on my belly, only  to find out I have fatty tissue next to my liver! FATTY TISSUE???? Are you kidding me????

And you know what the pain was that I felt on my side and that got all this started? A pulled muscle that my chiropractor eventually took care of and it never came back.

It is so easy to get scared these days, but PLEASE hon, you have absolutely no thyroid cancer, OK?

We need to tap. It’s time to regain some confidence. You are in a much better place now, that they take care of the cells than six weeks ago when you didn’t know what was going on. You already have less. They are already stopping to grow, the tumor is already shrinking and you are on your way to being well!

Strange thing when what is supposed to make you healthy makes you sick at first. It sucks, there is no nice way to say this. But it will be OK.

Just hang in there. I am a bit relieved that the hair is coming out, that’s a good sign – chemo is working (did I mention: It sucks???).

You’ll look back at this time as the “what the hell was that?’ phase in your life. But it will be OK.

Problem is that Oncologits don’t understand nutrition and wellness (and readily admitt it).
Have you talked to the DF about their complementary/alternative department?

They do very cool things, including acupuncture, nutrition and other support. You are in the best hands over there, and your immune system can use all the help it gets right now.
They completely understand how important it is to have a wholistic approach to healing.

I’ll come over with more chocolate to boost your immune system with nutrition  ;->>>.  Leah and I make delicious chocolate covered prezels.

Spring is coming. The fear sucks, but fear doesn’t mean that
you are more sick, it means that you are more scared.

You are on your way to healing now. It will be OK.

Much much Love to you and your family.

You are in our prayers, and we in our car whenever you need us!
Much Love and hugs

Ingrid Dinter


  1. Sylvia S Ross on March 12, 2011 at 1:19 am

    Hi Ingrid!
    Thanks for sharing! Carole Seaver passed this connection on tonight and I thought it would be nice to share it here.

    A video by Gregg Braden!


    Breast Cancer Helpful Tips that can be practiced regardless of any other choices
    of treatment!

    1. Color Therapy – wear pink & green
    combination especially at night, when our
    bodies do the most healing!

    2. Avoid underwire bras – search mercola.com for his input & Tapintoheaven.com for Gwenn Bonnell’s breast massage.

    3. Use EFT or MTT to destress the diagnosis. This is so important and was
    the greatest gift my ND did for me, when
    I was diagnosed with Uterine cancer in 2003. Contact Ingid, she will help you!

    4. What my ND didn’t do was destress my fears of surgery, they gave me some homopathy which I am sure was helpful, but, if they had also done some work with their MTT on all my emotions and fear of the surgery itself, I’m positive, I would have had an easier time immediately after!
    Again, Ingid can help you!

    5. Our Breast Health is controlled by our Heart Chakra. There is a Heart Chakra Prayer(web-site) and also a page on my website specifically for non-invasive suggestions for our Heart Chakras.

    6. Most all serious illness is caused by a major shock to our systems,up to 2 years before, that is buried internally and not expressed or resolved. Dr. Hammer in his research determined that depending on whether your right or left handed the conflict or trauma involved in Breast Cancer is a partner seperation or a mother/child seperation and which breast is involved. Elizabeth Edwards unfortunatelly is brought to mind, for she had both. Again,sharing and processing
    with Ingid would be very helpful.

    7. From the cancer survey of 34 questions I posted on my website, the highest true responses were sent back from women that had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Results are posted at:

    Nice loving women who had been brought up to suffer in silence. So, maybe screaming would help! :~) Or finding a friend or mentor to express and resolve with EFT.

    8. Chemo Treatments and side-effects can all be treated with EFT. Messages from the Body by Dr. Lincoln offers some specific emotional issues that seem to be very possible, although I didn’t have chemo, it isn’t hard to imagine what would be going through someones emotional/
    mental thoughts as it was being administered. I always felt it would be a great time for an EFT-Cheerleading Squad!
    Or to Chant — “I am OK! You are OK! The grass is green! (below the snow) The Sun is shining! (above the clouds) Count, Count, Count” Repeat for at least 5 minutes and when ever “fear and fright” sneak into your thoughts!

    9. Bless and say a prayer over all medication and food you consume.

    10. Speaking about prayer and good thoughts HeartMath and others have proven
    that well said prayers can and will change
    damaged DNA which causes cancer growth to healthy DNA that produces healthy cells.

    11. There are at least 32 acupoints that are connected to our Breast Health.


    • Ingrid Dinter on March 14, 2011 at 2:48 pm

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share this Sylvia! I so appreciate you and your commitment to help Breast Cancer Survivors. I know that many women will find great comfort and amazing resources in all the information you shared. Please let me know ow i can help! Much Love Ingrid

  2. Betty on March 11, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Thank you for writing and sharing this piece. I don’t have cancer but but COPD. Much Of your comforting words work for what ever a person might be going through. Much Love, Light, and Laughter is my wish for you and yours. Betty

    • Ingrid Dinter on March 14, 2011 at 2:41 pm

      Thanks Betty! May you be healing quickly and completely. Much Love Ingrid

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