Day 1: The story of the five star restaurant and the soup kitchen or: Are you getting paid what you are worth?

After talking with many healing practitioners who shared their dilemma on charging for their services, I’d like to share a story with you:

There was a man who hadn’t eaten in a long time and was very hungry. Being short on cash, he had used the soup kitchen in his town for a while, but the offerings there didn’t satisfy him anymore.

So he went to a very nice restaurant around the corner, sat down and began to order. First, he ordered a wonderful appetizer and an additional salad. Then he ordered a delicious entrée – filet mignon with small potatoes and spring vegetables, and a nice bottle of red wine that matched the course perfectly.

Slowly, his hunger subsided, his belly began to feel normal again, and, taking a deep breath, he relaxed.

With the fear and anger about the starvation gone, he enjoyed every bit of the meal deeply and gratefully.

When the waiter came with the dessert menu, he was delighted to find his favorite cheesecake to round up his meal.

It truly was a great evening for him, and the other guests in the restaurant silently rejoiced seeing the man so happy and comfortable.

Eventually, the waiter brought the bill to the table, and asked the man to take his time.

Looking him in the eye, the man told him that he didn’t was unable to pay for the food he had eaten.

Puzzled, the waiter asked him why he had come to this fine restaurant when he knew he wasn’t able to pay.

The man responded: Because I was very hungry, and you are a restaurant! You should feed me, that’s what restaurants do!

More thoughts about this tomorrow!



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