Veterans don’t talk politics

Colorado Army National Guard

Image by The National Guard via Flickr

One of the biggest “turn offs” for most Veterans and active duty personel is, when people begin to talk politics in their presence.

I received emails in the past where practitioners shared with me their political views, and combined them with the desire to help.

I gently shared with them that the desire to help is enough motivation. Warriors don’t talk politics with each other, and neither should we. Going to war is not a political decision for them, it is their mission and their job. It is vitally important for EFT practitioners that we are respectful of this. Pride and honor are two great values of the military.

When we offer our help with EFT, we don’t judge, we don’t condone and we don’t excuse what happened. We help heal what happened. It is important that we keep this focus and make sure that a warrior always feels safe and respected. Many have been through a lot and have a hard time trusting non-military people. So if we avoid to talk politics and make sure that we honor them and their willingness to protect their country it will be easier for us to begin to allow for trust and rapport to build.”

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