The EFT Movement for Healing Veterans

When I first came across Gary Craig’s EFT in early 2002, I immediately recognized it as not just a new and powerful approach to healing that can be used by laypersons all over the world, as well as by practitioners and healing professionals, but also the beginning of a healing movement as has never been seen before.
With the basic teachings being available as a free download online, EFT has encouraged, honored and included people’s use of intuition and special and unique gifts, even their modification into new techniques that worked better for them.
I realized that the motivating energy of this technique is love, and many have benefitted in numerous ways from the generosity of the founder, Gary Craig. Many other powerful techniques have been derived from EFT, with the goal of finding the most gentle, powerful and lasting ways to heal.

Gary Craig explains that negative emotions can be understood as fears of something or someone, including our past, and that these feelings are caused by blocks or disruptions in our energy system. EFT releases these fears at the source.
EFT combines a gentle tapping technique on designated acupressure points (acupoints) on the face and body with statements that represent either the negative issues to be released or a positive outcome. EFT recreates balance in relation to those statements and what they stand for, and allows us to release negativity for good. This process often causes cognitive shifts that allow us to see the true motives and backgrounds of our feelings and actions clearly. Since EFT is such an easy method to apply and a freely available tool, it truly has the potential to allow all of us to release our fears and understand that we are indeed all connected. Readers will find a
wonderful collection of reports of benefits of EFT on Gary Craig’s website
Important information can also be found on
Gary Craig has recently announced that he intends to retire and close the emofree website, however, it seems that the archives and other important information will be transferred to other sites, so that the public can continue to have access to these powerful healing stories.
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