Making good choices tele class

Your participation in the tele class will enable more free EFT sessions for Veterans.

Please join us for a fun and effective tele class:
"Making good choices with EFT."

Sunday, December 6th 2009

6:00-7:30pm EST.

Cost: $20.-.

Sign up on
You will be emailed the phone number and pass code for the conference call.

What the class is about:

– If you are having trouble making good choices,

– if you wish that it would be easier to do what you know you should do,

– if you feel that people or situations of the past are having too much of an influence on the – decisions and choices you make today,

then this tele class is for you!

Together, we will work through the beliefs that are holding us back from doing what we know we’d love to do, if only…. .

This will be a fun and effective class, and the recording will  be made available to you, in case you are not able to join us on Sunday.

If you donated to Bob Culver’s fundraiser, and were unable to join us last time, you are welcome to participate for free.

I am looking forward to helping you release what might hold you back from making good choices!

Blessings, Joy and Success,
Ingrid Dinter


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