Betrayal and Rage

Rage and betrayal are two emotions that usually go together.

When I work with a client who shows a lot of rage and anger, I like to start by assuming that injustice and unfairness has happened to the person.

With my Veterans, this is almost always the case. Many have endured the loss of a beloved comrade, being let down before, during or after deployment, having family or other changes that nobody helps them with. They have experienced disrespect or misunderstandings, and often feel that they couldn’t fulfill their mission in the way they wanted to.

I find that it is very important to acknowledge this feeling of betrayal, to listen and understand why the soldier feels this way, and to confirm that what happened was not right, from the soldiers perspective.

Many have struggled all their lives with coming to terms with this feeling, and rage and intrusive thoughts are usually the consequence. If we understand this, we can help someone heal so much easier.

The wonderful thing about EFT is that by tapping on what shouldn’t have happened, we can take the charge out of the excess emotions. It doesn’t have to be right in order for us to help him or her heal. We can go with how it felt, and help the person relax about it.  If there is something that the client feels should be done about the injustice or betrayal, this is going to be so much easier to accomplish after the client feels more relaxed and at peace with him-or herself.


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