Bob Culver

Bob Culver is one of the Veterans I had the honor of working with in San Francisco for the EFT for War Veterans movie.

I just learned that Bob lost all his belongings in a fire in Veterans day.

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Bob and I had our very first session together the first day, when he told me that life just doesn’t make sense for him, that he had been thinking of taking his life many times and actually tried if a few times in the past.

I asked him :”OK, so how do you want to feel when you are dead? Why would taking your own life be a good thing?” And his answer was “I just want to be done with all this stuff that is haunting me, that is with me day and night. I just hope that it will not be there anymore.”

So I suggested the phrasing: “Even though I want peace so much that I am willing to sacrifice my life for it, I allow myself to find a way to heal and find peace now that truly works for me, and deal with what comes after I die, when I get there.” He looked at me with amazement, as the word “peace” was not a part of his vocabulary since Vietnam, even since before Vietnam. He didn’t feel it’s meaning and didn’t want to use it.

So we called it “the “P” word” (p for peace).

After we first tapped, he didn’t believe in it but was open to it. The next morning, we checked in and he said “you know: that “P” word….I still don’t believe that it is possible, but it feels as if I could think about it. The next day he was smiling and feeling more of it, and then he just used it: “PEACE”. For the first time in many years, I feel PEACE!.

This was the first thing he mentioned with gratitude, when I talked with Bob tonight.

Then, I learned that the house where he lived, had burned down on Veterans Day. I learned that he has lost everything he owns, and only has a room through the Red Cross until Wednesday. A proud and independent man that he is, he refused to accept help from anybody. However, I told him I would do a fundraiser for him anyway. Since time is so much of the essence for him, and he is truly standing there with nothing right now, I decided to reach out to those whose lives have been touched by Bob’s story in the video, by his courage to focus on his past and share his path with others so that he can help someone else heal.

I have put a link to a paypal account on my website, and all donations will go immediately to Bob. In return for your kindness, I offer an EFT Tele class on Wednesday night (11/18/09) at 7:30 – 9:00pm EST, which will be recorded for you to download and listen to at your convenience. The topic is “Using EFT for making good choices”.

But I ask you to donate the money today, so that we can help Bob asap.

Suggested donation would be $15.-, but more is certainly welcome.

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I thank you for your generosity and am looking forward to having you on the call. If you can’t make it to the call: Please remember that you will receive access to the recording.

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Thank You!


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