EFT for Vets

EFT for Vets is a successful program to help Veterans and their families heal the trauma of war.

EFT for Veterans does not judge, condone, or excuse what happened in the past. EFT for Vets helps heal it. The gentle tapping on designated release points (acupoints) on the face and upper body has shown to be an effective way to release the intensity of traumatic memories, fearful beliefs, and even many physical symptoms that are caused by stress.

EFT for Vets is easily taught as a self help program, as it can be applied by warriors at the frontlines, family members to each other, kids with their siblings and even parents alike.

EFT for Vets is showing unparalleled results. Please check the research section of this blog for specific research data!

EFT for Veterans trains the practitioner to relate to the warrior from the position of the “tribe member”, who, in all traditional societies, honors the warrior for his or her willingness to fight for and even die for the safety of the tribe. The tribe witnesses the journey of the warrior. A returning warrior goes through a process of storytelling and cleansing to prepare him or herself for the new place in society that is waiting after the return.

EFT for Vets uses the same techniques: Witnessing, storytelling and cleansing, in combination with the physical tapping on the designated release points, to support the warrior in fulfilling and finishing his or her journey and rite of passage, and get ready to teach about war and peace in the way only a warrior can.

Veterans and their families have been astounded about the gentle, respectful and lasting effectiveness of EFT for Vets.


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