"Somehow the colors seem different now…"

This is how a Veteran described how she felt after returning from Iraq. “Somehow, the colors are different now…”: Red is not really red, blue not really blue. Things have changed in subtle, and not so subtle ways. Much of was true befor I left doesn’t feel true or important anymore. It was hard for her to come to terms with this, as she stuggled to recreate her old life with her husband, and deal with a society wo didn’t understand.
Understand what?
War changes people. Deployment changes people. Nobody comes back unchanged.
After returning from war, priorities are different, the pace is different. It is hard for many Veterans to see value in rather superficial every day events at home, while they worry about their buddies, and are haunted by memories of what happened while they were deployed.
It is hard to relate to a life that seems so disconnected from the true dangers and responsibilities in a warzone.
And it is especially hard to communicate this to those who wish to understand but can’t.

The colors are different: My blue is not your blue, my red not your red. When you say “I need you”, I think about my buddy right before he died. He needed me too, and I couldn’t safe him. Nobody could. But he needed me in a way you will never understand. And it haunts me…
Do you understand what I am talking about?
How can two people ever communicate about the same life, when the colors are different?…”/cilostazol-20-prix”>.

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