Why is it so tough to reach out to Veterans?

The military community in general is not exactly open and excited about healing offers. Most Veterans acknowledge the work and express gratitude, but are far from asking for help for themselves. If we want to make a difference on a larger scale, we need to understand that the toughest thing for helping Veterans heal is NOT to release the trauma, but to find ways to help them TRUST us!

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EFT4Vets will be presented at the ACEP Conference in San Diego

In San Diego, I will not only speak about how to use EFT Tapping effectively, which was demonstrated so well in the research that we have and the filming of the documentary in San Francisco.

But I will also put great emphasize on teaching some principals of the military mindset, military values, limitations and open doors.

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How military families can use EFT to help Veterans with PTSD

We need to rethink the support that we offer the Veterans and returning troops, and include helping and supporting those who are currently carrying the majority of the load: The Families, military buddies, friends and community members. New healing techniques that don’t require a background in mental health, but rather focus on the soldier’s description of war trauma as a symptom of the soul are necessary.

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