Are you unemployed and looking for jobs? Use EFT to regain your confidence!

When looking for jobs, most people agree that, the longer the job search takes, the harder it feels to have and good self esteem.
Long term unemployment takes a toll even on the most confident and skilled people. However, for a successful interview, it is very important to come across in a professional, positive, and confident way. Luckily, EFT is a fantastic tool to help cope with the challenges of unemployment and potential career change.

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How to get out of your own way with EFT Tapping

If you read this post with interest, you probably resonate with the idea of being in your own way when it comes to reaching a goal on some level.

I believe most people are, I certainly have lots of stories to share about this.

It is this moment when we realize that everything is in alignment, all of our plans and goals are working out nicely, and then it is just this final step that needs to be done… and this step gets dragged on and on.

Do you know what I mean?

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