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Curriculum Vitae


  • AAMET Certified EFT Trainer and Coach (2011)
  • EFT Cert-1 Certification, Gary Craig (2010)
  • EFT-Advanced Certificate of Completion, PACE Educational Systems (2004)
  • EFT-Certificate of Completion, PACE Educational Systems, Inc. (2003)
  • Yoga Teacher Certification, (2006) Bija Ananda Yoga, Yoga Alliance USA
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level III (2005)  Eric Pearl, DC and “The Reconnection”
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level I-II (2005)  Eric Pearl, DC and “The Reconnection”
  • Reiki Master-Teacher (2002)

Current Position:

  • EFT Coach, owner of “Healing Now” and “EFT4Vets” (2002-present)
  • Registration as rostered, alternative provider with the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice (Board has no oversight over my practice)
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church

Professional Experience:

  • EFT-coaching of groups and private clients (2002-present)


  • Applying and teaching EFT to Combat Veterans and their families
  • Helping people  in transition set and reach authentic goals
  • EFT Trainer for advanced and alternative EFT workshops (2006-present)
  • EFT4Vets trainer since 2008
  • Teaching the AAMET EFT curriculum for Level I, II and III
  • Co-Moderator of the official EFT Forums for Trauma/ PTSD and Professionals (2007-present)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) (2006-present)
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner (2005-present)
  • REIKI Master-Teacher, Practitioner (2001- present)

Relevant Professional Training:

Live workshops:

  • “EFT and brainwaves” Gary Craig, Boston, MA, Sept. 2007
  • “EFT Master Showcase” EFT Masters, Boston, MA, Sept. 2007
  • “EFT Masters Boot Camp” Gary Craig, EFT Masters Denver, CO, Aug. 2006
  • “Mastering EFT” Gary Craig, Stamford, CT, Sept. 2005
  • “EFT for Serious Diseases” Gary Craig, others, Springfield, MO, Sept. 2004
  • “EFT and Nutrition Seminar” Gary Craig, Joseph Mercola, Chicago, IL, June 2004
  • ACEP Conference sessions and trainings 2008, 2009, 2010
  • others

Other  EFT trainings:

  • EFT Training DVDs sets 1-9 Gary Craig
  • DVDs, books and life presentations of Dr. Carol Look, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Energy Psychology Press, others
  • EFT manuals from Patricia Carrington, Carol Look, Sandy Radomsky, others

Other Trainings (Excerpt):

  • Team Leader Training for Disaster Behavior Health Teams “DBHRT” 2010
  • Suicide Postvention training, NAMI, NH 2010
  • “Basic Training for Disaster Behavior Heath Teams” DBHRT, March 2010
  • “Military Culture Training” through New Hampshire Disaster Behavior Health
  • Response Team (DBHRT) and New Hampshire National Guard, February 2010
  • “Allergy Antidotes” Sandy Radomsky, ACEP conference, Albuquerque 2008

Teaching Experience:

  • More than 80 Webinars and Tele Seminars on EFT Related topics
  • Introduction to EFT for Disaster Relief and Shelters for DBHRT Members, 2013
  • Finding Meaning in Disaster” Presentation at the 3rd Annual DBHRT Conference, Concord, NH 2012
  • “Introduction to EFT” second annual DBHRT Conference, Concord, NH, 2011
  • Presentations of EFT to active duty personnel and military family support groups pre- and post deployment (2008-current)
  • ACEP Annual International Conference: “EFT4Vets: Helping Veterans and their Families Heal with Emotional Freedom Techniques” San Diego,CA, June 2010
  • “Introduction to EFT” First annual DBHRT Conference, Concord, NH, 2010
  • ACEP Annual International Conference: “Effectively releasing Stress symptoms in Combat Veterans with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)” Florida, May 2009
  • 65 EFT live seminars (2006-current)
  • 15 EFT Specialty Workshops and Tele classes
  • “EFT for Veterans” weekend seminars
  • EFT Presentations for Veterans and families at the NH National Guard (2008)
  • EFT presentation for the Veterans Administration White River Junction (2007)

Participating in Research and Publications:

  • Church, D., others (2009), Psychological Trauma in Veterans using EFT: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2010)
  • Church, D., others (2009), The Treatment of Combat Trauma in Veterans using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): A Pilot Protocol, Traumatology,
  • Church, Dawson, Geronilla, Linda, Dinter, Ingrid (2009). Psychological symptom change in Veterans after six sessions of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
  • International Journal for Healing and Caring (IJHC), January. 9:1
  • Dinter, Ingrid (2008). Veterans: Finding their way home with EFT. International Journal for Healing and Caring, September 8:3.
  • Dinter, I. (2009), Working with Military Service Members and Veterans: A Field Report of Obstacles and Opportunities”: Energy Psychology Press, November 1:
  • “EFT for War Veterans Study” as part of the “Operation: Emotional Freedom” documentary, published in “Traumatology” Gary Craig, March 2008
  • “Introducing EFT to Combat Veterans” chapter in Gary Craig’s Book “EFT for PTSD” Fulton, CA: Energy Psychology Press, 2008, page 228-234
  • Single case studies for EFT for Veterans (2008) Conjunction with Soul Medicine Institute (Published in the International Journal for Healing and Caring IJHC, 2008)
  • “Multi City Iraq Vets Stress Project” Soul Medicine Institute
  • E-Book and audio: “Helping Veterans and their families Heal with EFT”, Available on

Interviews (excerpt):

  • “EFT4Vets”
  • “ EFT4Vets: Effectively helping Veterans and their Families Heal with EFT”:
  • ACEP Tele Class 09/2009
  • “EFT Radio” “EFT World Magazine”, others: 2009
  • “EFT for Veterans” and “EFT for military spouses”: (2008)
  • “EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques”: NH Magazine September 2008
  • “EFT for Combat Veterans” EFT Blogtalk Radio
  • “EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques”: WKXL February and May 2008


  • EFT Expert in Gary Craig’s film “Operation: Emotional Freedom” Veterans with PTSD, March 2008

Radio shows by Deutschlandfunk (DLF) National Radio, Germany:

  • Gottes Fuehrung zulassen (Allowing for divine guidance) DLF (2006)
  • Krankheit als Weg (Illness as a life path), DLF (2005)
  • Gott wirkt durch uns (God acts through us), DLF (2004)
  • Aber sprich nur ein Wort (Just say one word), DLF (2003)
  • Respekt vor Kindern (Respect for children), DLF (2002)
  • Reisen, Flucht oder Schule des Lebens (Traveling, a school of life), DLF (2001)
  • Mobbing, was tun (what to do about bullying), DLF (2000)
  • Fluechtlinge (Refugees), DLF (1998)

EFT Newsletter Articles:

  • “Knocking down war stress symptoms like dominoes” January 9th 2009
  • “War veteran with PTSD gets quality results with EFT” October 24th 2008
  • “Six successful sessions with a war veteran” October 15th 2008
  • “The Box-Technique” (December 11th 2006)
  • others


  • AAMET-Association for the Advancement of Energy Meridian Techniques (2011)
  • DBHRT-Disaster Behavior Health Response Team (2010)
  • ACEP-Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (since 2007)
  • National Speakers Association (since 2012)
  • Toastmasters (since 2011)

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