What Is An Affiliate Program?

What is an Affiliate?

When you become an affiliate for someone, you can earn a commission for offering their programs or products to people on your list or people you know.

As you may have already seen, there are amazing programs out there that will serve your friends and clients, without competing with what you already do. Being an affiliate for people you trust is an exciting and wonderful way to help others while creating extra income. And best of all: you don’t have to recreate the wheel to be able to offer a high quality program or product. All you do is send an email to your list with a special link to the page where the product is offered, and you will be registered as the seller for every purchase that is made through your link.

So how does it work?

Please fill out the affiliate form on the special page in the top right corner of our blog. Once you signed up, we will send you a special link that you can put on your website or send through your newsletters or e-mails. The best part about this traceable link is that EVERY time someone purchases a product or service from our website, it can be traced back to you and you will get rewarded. So there is no chance that we’ll forget to send you your due thanks.

You have to do nothing else, other than giving people access to this link. And you will receive an email confirmation every time you make a sale, and you will be paid once a month via paypal.

How do I track payments and commissions?
Once you sign up, we will send you an e-mail with your login details to access the Members Only Affiliate Area.        There, you will be able to track your commissions in real-time and check your complete statistics any time you wish.

Here is what you can see:
• How many unique visitors you have received.
• How many direct sales have been made
• Your total earnings, total paid and amount due to you.
• Full order statistics, including date ordered

For different products and services, you will also be able to download banners and links to put on your website and newsletter.

Please know that our ordering system uses the latest in sophisticated internet technologies. Everything is processed in real-time, and your commissions are added to and totaled automatically.

Are there entry requirements?
No. We are glad to have you and trust that you will promote our programs and programs as best fits for you, your clients and customers. However, we do not tolerate spam or any kind of unethical marketing techniques. If we became aware (which we don’t believe you’d do) that you engage in any of these, we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate relationship with us immediately.